The "Right" Mock Draft with Videos

Just having some fun but here is how my Bills would be drafting in my 1st ever mock draft. It is nice to look back at our last draft and see we got quality players in each round. No Trades. cause we don't do that.

This draft is based on us Re-signing all only our free agents. In Stevie Johnson, to Scott, Bell, Scott Chandler..

Free Agents we should target: Vincent Jackson, Kellen Davis (sleeper) only realistic defensive player i could see us getting is John Abraham he is reliable like Aaron Schobel when it comes to pass rush in either scheme.

Marshawn Lynch Trade=extra 5th or 6th and i'm saying 5th after his performance for them.

1st Round: Alshon Jeffery (6-4) 230 South Carolina.!. Fits the mold of being open while being covered something Nix talked about in Calvin Johnson type mold. Runs the best streak route leaving room on the side-lines to catch.

Secondary Picks: Michael Floyd, Courtney Upshaw, Melvin Ingram, Dont'a Hightower (in that order)

2nd Round: Andre Branch (6-4) 260 Clemson. He can handle rushing OLB if we stay 3-4 or can be a defensive linemen in 4-3. Has the size measurements that Nix wanted in a Backer/DE. Rated highly by ESPN but in every mock draft projected to go 2nd round.

Secondary Picks: Bruce Irvin (, Andrew Datko, Zebrie Sanders, Chandler Jones

3rd Round: Trumaine Johnson (6-2) 204. Montana. He is an all around athlete. Physical Corner. Great where-ever you put him. Someone to finally give the TE's of the Pats, Brandon Marshal run for their money and try to solve our Big WR problem.!

Secondary Picks: Zebrie Sanders, Andrew Datko, Cam Johson

4th Round A: Keenan Robinson (6-3) 240 Texas. Can play OLB and ILB. A lot of ppl want Acho this guys is just as good and more versatile.!

4th Round B:Levy Adock OSU State/Mitchell Schwartz. Cal OT. Both have the size. Solid programs.

5th Round: Jarius Wright WR/KR Arkansas (5-10) 180 or Marquis Maze (5-8) 182. WR/KR 'Bama(toss up) Both are great special teams players.Will fill in nicely for Roscoe Parish of the future. A tad more of a vertical threat. ...

5th Round: Robert Blanton DB/ST Notre Dame (6-0) 200. Another guy that does it all.

6th Round:Jake Bequette OLB/DE/ST/TE. Arkansas (6-5) 271 or DeQuan MenzieDB/ST 'Bama (5-11) 200 (toss up)

7th Round: James Carmon OT/DT Miss State (6-7) 330...pretty much whoever is best player available. Another Michael Jasper. Athletic for his size can play tackle or DT developmental guy.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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