Well Bills fans, when its playoff season in the NFL, we look ahead towards the NFL Draft once again. But just like our own Chris Brown from I have compiled a broad look, by the numbers of how many mocks have each player getting drafted by our own Bills. I will give you the numbers, and I will give you my thought of that pick, and you the faithful fan can give your thoughts on who is our guy in the 1st round and why. But please take consideration that we want a guy who 1) Is a every down offense or defensive player, 2) Can make an instant impact, and 3) Is consistent.

So lets get started!

*Courtney Upshaw OLB Alabama. 32 mock drafts.

~This is (almost) every Bills fan favorite pick. Considering our pass rush situation, there's no way I could be mad about this pick. Most scouts and analyst have his potential as high as a young Terrell Suggs. Nix will love his motor, his hard hitting, his discipline, and play making ability. He lacks pass coverage skills, so few will call this a reach at pick ten. But there is no reason it can't improve during training camp to compliment his pass rushing and run stuffing skills.

*Riley Reiff OT Iowa. 17 mock drafts.

~An interesting prospect considering that he was a tight end in high school. Everybody says he is "good", and is a great athlete. A player that can hold his own at tackle for years. But my problem is that at pick 10, do we want a "good' tackle or a "great" tackle that can be elite? That can be consistent, and hold his ground against the Jared Allens and the Demarcus Wares of the leauge.

*Jonathan Martin OT Stanford. 7 mock drafts.

~A very solid tackle, that just like Reiff , he would be an opening day starter. Would I be disappointed? No, not at all.
Considering that Bell can't stay healthy, why not? He blocked Andrew Luck's blind side giving him time to pick defensive secondaries apart.

*Quinton Coples DE N. Carolina

A good pass rusher but like Brown I see a mirror of Aaron Maybin. Struggles against the run often, and doesn't shed blockers often. For DE that can't set the edge and only pass rush on pass situations makes him a liability against the run. Teams will be sure to attack his side all day.

*Alfonzo Dennard CB Nebraska. 6 mock drafts

I'm not too crazy about this pick considering, that we have a boat load of potential. I know our Backs have gotten beat here and there. But consider this, how much more harder is it to cover a Welker, Holmes, or even a Brandon Marshall when the Quarter back has all day to throw. Now if we had a pass rush and they were getting beat, then yes and I wouldn't mind this pick. But I'll give our DB's the benefit of the doubt. (Except Mekelvin, he needs to show up)

*Melvin Ingram DE/OLB South Carolina. 4 mock drafts.

~I consider this more of a reach then Upshaw. Seeing that he either went 10th to the Bills or higher and as not even being picked in the 1st round. I'm not too high on him. His stock is all over the place in the draft from top 10-2nd round. The Bills need a Top Ten pick worth the value. His value will be more evaluated and more concrete as the Combine comes.

*Luke Kuechly LB Boston College. 3 mock drafts.

~Consistent, makes an impact, and is in every down. A solid player that plays fundamentally sound, hard nose football. The problem is that he's solid but he is not worth a top ten pick. His ceiling is high, but not that high. A 1st round pick but not top 10 or 15.

*Zach Brown OLB North Carolina. 3 mock drafts

~Maybe its just me, but I see more Aaron Maybin then anything else. I personally don't like to compare young up coming players to a bust like Maybin. But they are too similar. Fast, light on his feet, and can get around the edge. But he is too light as in weight and is not a every down backer.

*Alshon Jeffery WR South Carolina. 3 mock drafts.

~I see lots of potential. If i knew him personally and knew for a fact he was hard working in the weight room and can control his weight for the sake of this team, I would certainly love this pick. Just imagine Stevie running his slants, Jeffery running his posts and go routes, Nelson and Parrish (if re-signed) running their drags. Unstoppable.

*Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame. 2 mock drafts

~Lots of talent but too much trouble off the field. I really don't see Chan and Nix risking a top ten pick here with him. Look what happen to Lynch, even though he was one hell of a skittle eating beast, he got his bags packing, and sent on his way.

*Kevin Reddick LB N. Carolina. 1 mock draft.

~Honestly, never heard of him. With Brown and Coples getting all the attention from media analyst. Kevin is in their shadows.

*Vontaze Burfict LB Arizona State. 1 mock draft.

~Absolutely would love this pick. Why? Vontaze plays with so much heart and emotion you cant help but a love guy that would tackle a bus for you and more. So much talent, athleticism, and potential that he can become a great elite run stuffer. The problem is that he sometimes let's his emotions get the best of him. Maybe our Nick Barnett can help him channel those emotion to become our own Ray Lewis, because thats how good everyone knows he can be. Don't believe the hype? Look him up on youtube.

*Vinny Curry DE Marshall. 1 mock draft.

~Don't realy see him going this high in anyway. Maybe a high 1st round (25th-32nd) - 2nd round pick.

*Matt Khalil OT USC. 1 mock draft.

~Picking a lineman is never a sexy pick. But when it can solidify a position for years, its always worth it. But I dont see him falling out of the top 10 unless the Rams go with Blackmon and Jags go with Alson Jeffery. Panthers, Vikings and Dolphins could pick him up also, before he can even fall to us.

*Nick Perry DE USC. 1 mock draft.

~I would be very disappointed. He is a not a every down DE, and isn't consistent as he could be.No way I see him as a top ten or even 20 pick.

*Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama. 1 mock draft.

Like I said we have corners, they just need help. I think this pick is unnecessary.

If you are wondering,those are 88 mock drafts all together! 88 drafts, 88 opinions, and 88 different scenarios.
Bills fans what do you think?

Let the debate begin!!!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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