Dream Draft Rounds 1-4 ...(new idea)

I know the Rumblings community is loving Courtney Upshaw, but I saw someone make a real good point on a post I was reading. This person said Courtney Upshaw is not the pass rusher Tom Brady will dread playing against twice a season. I am actually going to agree with this statement (as much as it hurts). Michael Brockers is an absolute beast. I have become really hooked on his animal-like toughness and play making ability. The defensive line is one piece away from being SERIOUS (I mean SERIOUS!). Marcell Dareus - Kyle Williams - Michael Brockers= the best defensive line in the AFC East. The second round, free agency, trading back into the first or Mario Williams is where we will find the pass rushing linebacker we need. Even if it means drafting pass rushing linebackers in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, I am completely cool with drafting Brockers. In order to get sacks, we must eat up offensive lines to create sacks.

1st Round: Michael Brockers- LSU

Why this makes sense: Right off the bat, watch this guys gametape against Georgia on youtube (impressive). When Kyle Williams got hurt last year, Marcell Dareus was a one man show. Dwan Edwards, Torell Troup, and Alex Carrington are all nothing more than average and could easily be replaced. Michael Brockers is a freak of nature as he displays incredible size, and power. Pair him up with Kyle Williams (who went to LSU as well) and Marcell Dareus (a Bama product) you got yourself a defensive line that is hit hungry, and the scariest in the AFC East. Brockers will be that guy who Brady takes a massive deuce in his pants thinking of... extremely smelly, but that horrible smell would be awesome. All for this pick.

2nd Round: Melvin Ingram- South Carolina

Why this makes sense: Now that our defensive line situation would be solved and resolved for the future, our top priority from here would be obtaining pass rushing outside linebackers. Melvin Ingram would step in at OLB and make an immediately strong impact for us. He may not be available here, but if so, this is a dream pick indeed. Ingram would immediately step in for our defense and tear it up. If Ingram isn't available, Vinny Curry, Andre Branch, a wideout, or a corner should be strongly considered.

3rd: Tommy Streeter- Miami

Why this makes sense: The third round is when we should truly start looking at wide receivers. The defense should be Buddy Nix's top priority. Tommy Streeter has great size, speed, and an extremely high ceiling. He would be an amazing verticle threat to compliment Stevie Johnson. Im all for this pick.

4th: Nate Potter- Boise State

Why this makes sense: With David Lee on board with Chan Gailey, look for us to use many strategic trick packages with special blocking schemes. Nate Potter comes from an offense at Boise State that is very familiar with using trick plays. Nate Potter would eventually be a starter, or be a damn fine backup for our team. I see this pick benefitting us big time in the future.

4th: Terrance Ganaway- Baylor

Why this makes sense: Corey McIntyre is very mediocre. Considering we have an extremely solid run game, we should have a solid fullback to compliment CJ and Freddy (if hes still a Bill). Ganaway would be a great piece to encorporate into the offense as he thrived at running the ball as Robert Griffin ran the offense at Baylor. Fullback I would say is a need so I am definitely with this pick as Ganaway could become a fan favorite.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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