Peyton Manning to the Bills?

This is my first fan post, so please be gentle.

This morning I was listening to the Mike and Mike show on ESPN radio. The topic of possible landing spots came up for the future Hall of Fame candidate Peyton Manning. Mike Greenberg gave his top 4 possible choices; Arizona, Tennessee, Minnesota, and Kansas City. Now I'll admit , I think all of these places are potentially great landing spots for Manning, but there is one team they failed to mention. Guess who!

That's right ladies and gentleman; our Buffalo Bills. Now of course the likely hood if this happening is slim to none and it's primarily not because of "football reasons", but mainly due to perception more than anything. The perception that Bills can't attract free agents; the cold weather, and the instability of the franchise after the death of owner Ralph Wilson. Now those are legitimate reasons why a Peyton Manning wouldn't come to Buffalo, but none of those are football reasons. If you alleviate all the non-football related reasons, are our Bills a great landing Spot for Manning? I'll say so; reasons after the jump.

I'll attempt to give you some reasons why this could work out, if Manning considers Buffalo for the "right" reasons.

(1) Cap

As you know, the Bills are way under the salary cap right now. We have money to pay a Peyton Manning and also get him some help on the offensive end. There are a couple of Free Agent receivers out there that you can get for the right price, one in particular that Manning is familiar with is Reggie Wayne. Pairing Wayne up with Stevie Johnson can be a great tandem. They can also look to get a Wes Welker, as he can be the type of slot receiver Manning is use to having (Collie, Stokley). Now of course Stevie contract can become an issue, but if he decides to play somewhere else, the 6-7mil we would've paid him, we could pay another receiver.

(2) Draft

The Bills have a top 10 pick, they can use this pick to draft a reliable and 1st day starter in a LT. This will protect Manning's blind side, and now you are looking at one of the better offensive lines. Young and talented with an anchor is the middle

(3) Current Roster

Manning was at his best when he had a dual threat RB to give the ball to. He had E. James and J. Addai; both of these guys were very versatile backs. Backs that could run the ball and catch the ball out of the back field. Currently we have two of the better backs in the league, that are versatile in this manner. He also has a red zone threat in David Nelson, and if we resign Chandler he will have another.

(4) What happens to Fitz?

Well if Manning is a Bill, that means Fitzpatrick won't be the starter in Buffalo. Now I won't pretend that I know the details of Fitz contract, but I believe I read somewhere that he can be released and it wouldn't be a major blow to the salary cap. If this is the case, then we can send Fitz packing and look for a young developmental QB in this years draft.

(5) Defense

Now its no secret that our Defense needs to improve, but I'm 100% sure if the problem is pure talent or scheme. Just take a look at the Texans. They go from being one of the worst Defenses to one of the top rated defenses, with the hiring of Wade Phillips. Hopefully, with Wannstedt as the new DC and the maturation of some of younger guys our D can and should improve.

6) Free Agent/Trade

The idea of getting a healthy Manning is a great idea, but the truth is he is currently under contract. If the Colts choose to do whats right for Manning and flat our release him; Manning will be free to sign with any team. The chances he chooses the Bills are highly unlikely, and unfortunately for us this is the only way in which I think he lands in Buffalo. I don't think the Bills will trade away valuable assets to get a Peyton Manning who may or may not be healthy, but the good news is, I'm not sure if any team will take that risk. Think about it, what is a 36 year old QB who had two neck surgeries worth?

Final Thought:

I'm a firm believer that in order to win in this league you need a top 10 signal caller, PERIOD!! I feel we will go as far as our QB takes us. With a healthy Manning, I believe he can and will take this team to another level. And quite honestly, we have the players in place to really contend next year. With one or two more pieces on offense, and a Peyton Manning we can be well on our way. What are your thoughts Bills Nation?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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