Which phase do we most need to improve for next year?

End of Year Statistical Review:

Now that we have reached the end of another playoff-less season for our Bills, the time has come to begin reviewing our season. It is my sincere hope that Brian will do another game by game film review like last year… but until we have that, I thought I would present a statistical analysis of the Bills based on our total stats for the year. I hope, in so doing, to provide a forum for the question: which phase does our team most need to improve this year.

Running Offense

Total Yards – 11th overall with 1815 yards.

Yards/Attempt – 4th overall with 4.9 yards per attempt.

Passing Offense

Total Yards – 15th overall with 3703 Yards

Yards/Attempt – 21st overall with 6.7 yards per attempt

Total Offense

Total Yards – 14th with 5222 yards

Points – 14th with 351 points

Offensive Analysis

Even though our running offense was not dominant, especially after Fred got hurt, statistically we were one of the better teams in the league. Chan’s insistence that we are a team that uses the pass to create the run is unfortunate because we have the ability to be a dominant running team, especially if our backs got more carries. Despite our excellent yds/attempt numbers, we had one of the lowest numbers of rushing attempts in the league – 26th with 371. However, we do not have an elite QB, and as a result we are unable to use our RBs to create opportunities in the passing game. The opportunities that a good RB creates are usually downfield opportunities, and that is not Fitz’ strength. So, for now, we shall be a team that passes first and runs second, despite the fact that we have an average passing attack at best and a rushing attack with the potential to be great.

Running Defense

Total Yards – 28th overall with 2224 yards

Yards/Attempt – 27th with 4.8 yards per attempt

Passing Defense

Total Yards – 15th overall with 3714 yards

Yards/Attempt – 24th overall with 7.6 yards per attempt

Total Defense

Total Yards – 24th with 5938 yards

Points – 27th with 434 points

Defensive Analysis

Our defense was lackluster in all phases this year. Our rushing defense, though much improved from last year (aided by the additions of Dareus, Sheppard, and Barnett), was still way below average. I think we have the talent to be excellent, if our coaches are able to scheme well (as seen in the Denver game). Unfortunately, more often than not, we are not successful in rushing defense. Allowing 4.8 yards per carry is unacceptable. Our pass defense was slightly better, and could be excellent with a decent pass rush. We have a deep stable of CBs and safeties, and have the ability to create turnovers, but not without a better pass rush. Once teams realized that they can take their time and wait for receivers to get open, we started getting shredded.

Special Teams

Kickoff Yards/Return – 22nd with 23.2 yards per return

Punt Yards/Return – 3rd with 13.0 yards per return

Kickoff Yards Allowed/Return – 1st with 20.5 yards per return

Punt Yards Allowed/Return – 20th with 11.5 yards per return

Special Teams Analysis

I was impressed by the special teams numbers. I hope McKelvin and Rogers continue to excel next year in these roles. Our punt defense needs to improve. I am not sure how much of this rests on the punter to get significant hang time under his punts.

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