Haven't Done This For A While.......Mind Dump!

The fan base wanted an improvement over last year, we got it. 2 More wins then we had last year, We beat the Pats, the Eagles, The Chiefs and a couple losses in real close games (Cinci and The Giants and this team is 8-8 maybe even 9-7) We beat quality teams in the Pats and Eagles and Raiders beat up on teams in rough shape the Broncos, Chiefs, Redskins at the end of the day we beat 2 playoff teams in Denver, New England and took 2 other playoff teams right to the wire Giants and Bengals.

We signed Fitzy, Pears, Kyle Williams to lucrative contracts and still have to sign Freddie J and Stevie J to lucrative contracts. We have to spend more money this year based on the new CBA and we are in a fine position to do so. We have alot of holes, but some of our holes have plugs that just really need to get themselves better in their first full offseason. Sheppard, Williams, Rodgers, Hairston, Carrington, Troup along with some others will really benefit from a full offseason with the training and coaching staff. (They will be obligated by the team to come to OTA's)

A new DC is a must, Thanks George for your time in Buffalo, but it needs to come to an end. Too many time was he outsmarted, out adjusted, out schemed by other coaching staffs, he needs to be replaced. Alot of George's faults come from a lack of elite talent but at the same time it also has to do with his inability to out scheme OL's and QB's. The Ryans do a fantastic job of this aswell as Dom Capers, Dick Lebeau and some other DC's (I know those are the elite DC's in the league but still). I would recommend Steve Spagnulo or Mike Singletary for the job.

How important is Chris Kelsay for this defense, I mean seriously, this guy has been the whipping stick for years in Buffalo from me and many others, but Chris did an excellent job this year and when he didn't play, the Bills really, really missed him. I watched all but 2 games, the Chargers game and The 2nd Miami game and I will say this, Chris Kelsay could play for me anyday of the week, his constant hustle, and just his leadership skills can not go unnoticed any longer!

Nick Barnett, you replaced my favorite Bill and did a damn good job if not better, Paully had a pretty good year in Jax but I think it looks good on him that we improved as a team and they are one of the worst teams in the NFL. Nick, I look forward to you being a Bill next year and hopefully we can surrond you with some more talent and we can improve as a defense.

Bills that I think need to be let go.

1.) Drayton Florence - 5 Mill a season to play below average corner. NO THANKS!

2.) Shawne Merriman - You are false hope to a team that doesn't need it.

3.) Terrance McGee - You just can't stay healthy my man, sorry but it's true

4.) Demetrius Bell - It's Chris's Job now!

5.) Our WR core, aside from David Nelson and Stevie J - Enough said

6.) George Wilson - You had your time in the sun, now lets get a real SS to come in here and turn some heads

7.) Spencer Johnson - Just so we can stop this whole DL at OLB experiment (Brutal by the way)

Andy Levitre should have been a pro bowler, we gave up the least amount of sacks as a team or pretty darn close and he played 3 positions while staying healthy and really just doing a stand up job.

Leodis, Leodis, Leodis you can play corner on my team but only in a slot man on man position.

Bryan Scott, I wish you would decide what you want to be and be it. Being an undersized LB on a team that has the worst defense in the league coupled with the worst 3rd down % in the NFL (on defense) when you play the most just isn't cutting it. Sorry, I know there are some BS lovers out there; I though, am not one

Jarius Byrd belongs in the pro bowl! End of Story!

And to end it all my picks for the draft:

1) OLB

2) CB

3) OLB or WR

4) OG,OLB,OG - If we take a WR at 3 I want an OLB and OG here, if we take a OLB at 3, I want two OG's for depth.

I want Pierre Garcon, Marques Colston, Mario Manningham,Vincent Jackson or Reggie Wayne in FA and some depth DL. Courtland Finnegan, Brandon Carr or Tracey Porter and Curtis Lofton, E.J, Henderson or D'Qwell Jackson.

Thats my 2011 thoughts and my 2012 Wish list. have at it!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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