The Draft

I have been reading some of the mock draft people have been posting and some are good while others just don't make any sense.

We have a good amount of needs in Buffalo which all can not be addressed with 1st round talent. Yes I know we had many injuries on both sides of the field with can contribute to the lack of production.The biggest issue I see is the Defense, especially the pass rush. Every time I listen to anybody talk about stopping or slowing down Brady, Rogers, Brees or any other QB they say you need to make him uncomfortable. You can argue on ways to do that but the fact is you need guys who can get into the backfield and move them of their spot. This also helps to defend the run when the running back has to make his first move behind the line of scrimmage it helps to slow him down. A pass rush with also make your secondary look better because they don't have to cover as long and the throws in general won't be as accurate and forced. You could have 4 hall of fame DBs, but if you give Brady time he will destroy them.

For anyone with the argument of offense I have some points to make for you. No I don't think Fitz is the QB of the future. He is a stop gap QB at best. He is decent enough to be able to win games but we won't go far. With him we have the ability to sit a young QB and let him learn. If Trent Dilfer can win a Super Bowl, Fitz can atleast get us to the playoffs. I also think we should resign Stevie because he is best we have and buffalo always has a hard time to sign free agents. Yes he has made a lot bone headed plays and dropped important passes but he is one of the few guys who have seemed to beat Revis for a whole game, and since we play them twice I would like him on my team. It would be nice to get another WR but I would also like to see Donald Jones a whole season and if Easley can stay healthy see what he has. Our O-line is pretty good we did have the leading rusher at one point before injury, we gave up the least number of sacks (fitz does have a quick release) and we were great at running the screens.

With all the being here is how I think we should draft. I am not going to say name because a players draft stock goes up and down faster then the real stock market.

1st Round: Get the best pass rusher available. Unless something crazy happens and RG3 or Blackmon is still on the board then take them at 10. We gave Fitz to big of a contract and QB it not our biggest need.

2nd Round: Get another D-line or Linebacker. It depends on what kind of Defense we are running but you can never have too many good D-line/Linebackers

3rd-7th Round:Fill needs with best available. This is were GM need to earn there money. I would like to see us grab a CB, QB that needs to develop(Wilson, Moore etc.), more defense, TE (I like Chandler but we need depth), OL (Need Depth), WR.

I feel that if we can get a good defense on the field it will help out the offense a lot. When we were winning we got a lot of turnovers with gave the offense chances to score the problem is we were only able to stop teams if we took the ball away and when we didn't get turnovers the other team just drove it down the field. I still believe defense wins championships and if we have a good one then we will be able to compete a lot more.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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