What do you like this weekend? - Conference Championships

We're really winding down now. After some really exciting games last weekend, we're faced with another great day of football on Sunday. Let's recap last week:

NO@SF OVER 47: (W) - I thought this was going to be a close cover...boy was I wrong. This game covered by a mile.

NE-13.5: (W) I said Brady would hang 45 on the Broncs...what did he do? He hung 45 on the Broncs!

DEN@NE OVER 50: (W) Not had to cover a 50 total (I actually got it at 51) when one team hangs 45.

BAL-7.5: (L) I was among the very, very many that got the ole #### by a lousy 1/2 point! Balty had the game locked too. All they had to do was punch that one in at the end.

GB-7.5: (L) I said it was the least confident pick I had last week...obviously we know why. I simply hate Eli Manning. I just cannot tolerate his goober face any longer. I guess it's a good thing he gets to travel to SF to play that monster Defense this weekend. I bet his face doesn't look the same after Sunday!

Season Record is now 85-68-7 going into the Conference Championship games. Lines and picks after the break...

BAL@NE -7 O/U50.5

NYG@SF-2.5 O/U42

My picks:

BAL@NE OVER 50.5 - While I do not think NE can hang 45 on Baltimore, I do think they can put up some numbers over the course of the game. I also expect Balty to put up some points an a very sub-par NE defense.

NE-7 - This game comes down to who scores more often, IMO. The weather will be perfect on Sunday in NE. While I expect a lot of points, I'll take the better QB to pull away in the 4th quarter and win the game by 10 or so points.

NYG@SF OVER 42 - While Alex Smith will not face the crazy blitzing he did last week (which he flourishes against, FYI), he will see some heavy pressures. I expect them to be able to get the ball to their receivers who will be left one-on-one often enough to get a team score into the mid to high 20s. I also expect home field advantage to continue to play a big role in SF's success. Eli (while I hate him) will be the same opportunistic player he has always been and find his targets when needed for the big flashy plays and points. I also expect this over to cover with the help of 5 or 6 field goals. It looks like the rain will be mostly finished in San Fran by kickoff.

SF-2.5 - I like the SF to win this one late...possibly even in Overtime. The Giants run has been exciting; and the chance at a Super Bowl rematch will be an equally enticing story line (almost as exciting as the HarBowl many are hoping for) but look for SF to play spoiler here and the Giants party with a late game score!

Well? What do you like this weekend?

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