Newest Dream Mock

As I just did a dream defense for 2012, I feel it is needed to display how our defense would be created through the draft. Let the draft board do the talking. Lets get this ish started my friends.


10th pick: Nick Perry DE- USC

Why this makes sense: Nick Perry comes from a college that grooms linebackers better than anyone in the college game. Perry would be our immediate pass rusher and would turn heads at the pro level. I think this is an extremely safe pick, as well as a solid one. Perry has elite size, speed, and skill at the defensive end position. I love this pick very much.

*plan b: Whitney Mercilus

TRADE* Bills recieve the 27th overall pick of the draft from the Patriots by trading a 2nd, a 3rd, and a 5th round pick

27th: Dont'a Hightower ILB- Alabama

Why this makes sense: Hightower is has an extremely high upside as he displays strong hitting ability, as well as leadership skills. Hightower thrived at Bama and is familiar with the beast Marcell Dareus. This would be the dagger of us becoming a 4-3 team. Hightower would learn the ropes with Kelvin Sheppard through Nick Barnett to become extremely solid linebackers in our system for many years to come.

4a) Chandler Jones DE- Syracuse

Why this makes sense: The transfer to a 4-3 would trigger the front office to select a dominant defensive end. Chandler Jones is a complete animal as he stands at 6-5, 270 pounds. Jones thrived at Syracuse and was given All Big East honors in the 2011-2012 season. I personally love this pick very much. Jones would start opposite Nick Perry and would be backed up by a reliable Chris Kelsay (who would come in for hybrid packages and such).

4b) Jordan White WR- Western Michigan

Why this makes sense: Jordan White's gametape and stats say it all. He was a hard worker in college and has the ability to turns heads at the next level. I like this pick a lot. Stevie, White, Easley, and Nelson together is an extremely strong recieving core.

6th) Josh Oglesby OT- Wisconsin

Why this makes sense: Josh Oglesby is a great o-line product who would be a quality depth player, and a quality step in for injuries. If he is around for a couple of years, expect him to step into a starting role. He also stands in a 6'7 and 331 lbs...hes a big dude.

7th) Chase Ford TE- Miami

Why this makes sense: Ford is an athletic recieving tight end who recently displayed his talents at the East-West shrine game. Tight ends with wideout athletisism has become a successful trend in the league, so why not take a shot at one in the 7th? AND, UMiami dishes out quality tight ends.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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