Morning Joe! Super Bowl in Buffalo?

As we gear up for the Super Bowl between the Giants and the Patriots, I wanted to get some input about the idea that the Super Bowl should be played at the home field of one of the participating teams. Currently, the NFL is the only league of the major sports that play their championship games at a neutral location. The NFL prefer to have the NFL in warm weather locations; major cities, and cities with domes or retractable roofs.

The last 10 Super Bowls were played in:

  • 2012- Indianapolis
  • 2011- Cowboys Stadium
  • 2010- New Orleans
  • 2009- Tampa Bay
  • 2008- Arizona
  • 2007- Miami
  • 2006- Detroit (Dome)
  • 2005- Jacksonville
  • 2004- Houston
  • 2003- San Diego
  • 2002- New Orleans
  • 2001- Tampa Bay

Discussion after the jump.

Here are some of the reasons why I heard that the Super Bowl should be played at neutral locations:

  1. Weather- Apparently playing in a blizzard or monsoon-type rain is unappealing to watch on TV or for fans at the game. Also its been said that it takes away from all the pregame activities leading up to the Superbowl.
  2. Infrastructure (Hotel Rooms, Transportation, Venues)- The Super Bowl attracts a lot of people and a city needs to have the infrastructure in place to support all the tourist. You need tons of hotel rooms, have a reliable transportation system, and have the necessary venues to support all the activities.
  3. Money- the Super Bowl generates a lot of money for the NFL. From a marketing stand point; the game will be way more appealing to sponsors if it was played in sunny Miami Beach.
  4. No fair way to determine who plays at home- both the AFC and NFC team are deserving to play at home, as they both are conference championship. Either team will feel deserving to play the Super Bowl on their home field.
  5. Time- Once its decided which two teams would represent their conferences, it will take the home team city two weeks to get prepared to host the Super Bowl. An event of this magnitude need more time.

Now these are some really good reasons, but none of these reasons in my opinion are fair. I don't see how you can justify giving an advantage to teams and cities solely based on their geographical location. These cities and teams are able to benefit financially on and off the field. How fair would it be if the Colts was able to make it to the Super Bowl this year? That would have a created a huge home field advantage for the Colts. I think every city should have the opportunity to host a Super Bowl; giving that they win their conference and have the best overall record. Season ticket holders, Fans, and tax payers are owed this right.

So what are your thoughts? Should the Super Bowl be played at neutral locations

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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