Best Offseason Moves

Here is a rundown of moves that make sense for the Bills this year including a run down of free agents, a mock draft, and re-signings that should happen this year at One Bills Drive. The re-signings will come firs, free agents second, and a mock draft third since that is the order that they come in during the season.


Steve Johnson needs to be re-signed. Bottom line. He destroyed Revis and he deserves to get payed what he is worth. If Nix is serious about spending to the cap then he could give Steve what he wants its that simple especially since the don't need to waste an exorbitant amount on draftees anymore.

If Scott Chandler doesn't try to get a huge contract then he could come back, but if he is about the money there is a ton of talent at TE in the draft that the Bills could develop.

The rest really come without an explanation: Lindell, Bell, Urbik, and maybe Corner and Scott. I think Choice will be re-signed, but to be honest he wouldn't be my favorite option as a third back. Some of the guys above are starters, but Corner and Scott are there for depth mostly.

Free Agency

This will be the trickiest part of the season for Bills fans as we all know what we want, but I don't know if the Bills will truly break the bank so here is the best options while remaining somewhat realistic.

Jason Smith, OT, STL- Speculation is that the former 2nd pick will be cut by the Rams. He is talented, but he also has had some concussion problems. It can't hurt to take a flyer on a player that could give them depth and maybe develop into a starter.

Robert Meachem, WR, NO- The chances that New Orleans let him walk are slim since they need Brees to have every one of his weapons, but if he walks he could be a good player. He is not a star, but opposite Stevie he could almost certainly serve as a second receiver. He is more of a deep threat than most of their receivers.

Disclaimer- If the Bills can get Bowe or one of the Jacksons then I would take them over Meachem, but I don't think that is entirely realistic right now.

On the Defensive line I think the Bills will run a hybrid so they could go after Anthony Spencer, Mario Williams, or Cliff Avril, but it doesn't seem logical for them to come here when there teams were all better than the Bills last year.

Terrell Thomas, CB, NYG- Thomas is a good number two corner that had a season ending injury last season. Although it is alarming that he had a season ending injury in the two years prior he had consecutive years of 5 interceptions. Thomas and Williams could be future stars or at least 2 good physical corners considering Thomas had 101 and 85 tackles.

NFL Draft aka everyone's favorite part

1. Upshaw/Ingram/Coples- To be quite honest any of these would make me VERY happy. They all can play both the pass and run. Upshaw and Ingram will be undersized OLBs, but have unbelievable upside. Coples is big with long arms and is a pass rusher. He played DT his junior year when Marvin Austin was suspended, but played DE this past year and managed 8 sacks with constant double teams.

2. Vinny Curry, Marshall- A nonstop motor and one of the easiest guys to root for. Curry has a lot of potential as a pass rushing DE. This is NOT a comparison, but he has the same build of DeMarcus Ware in terms of height and weight.

3. Jayron Hosley, Virginia Tech- A terrific corner who had his production take a hit. This could be a bit too high for him, but he should fall to the end of the second round at the very least.

4. Brian Quick/Marvin McNutt/Nick Toon/Juron Criner- This sounds like a big time cop out, but I really cannot decide which one would be the best option. Quick may work his way up boards after the senior bowl, but he has the height, weight, and speed scouts salivate over. McNutt is much more of a possession receiver in the NFL and is about 10 pounds smaller and an inch shorter than Quick. Toon seems like a possession receiver as well. Criner is not necessarily a big play guy either.

4a. Russel Wilson/Brock Osweiler- It is quite a paradox as drafting Russell Wilson would mean they would have the shortest QB in the NFL and Osweiler would be the tallest. Both are developmental projects. Osweiler has a much better chance of moving up the draft than Wilson.

Past this point is very hard to project, but these 5 picks should be a good start. I am not a pro and would never claim to be. That being said: constructive criticism, complaints, and compliments are greatly appreciated.

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