Mock Draft Post 4-3 Announcement

All the young dudes have heard the news that the Bills will be aligning in a 4-3 on defense. BAM! LOVE IT! Dareus and Williams holding down those DT spots like champs, and Barnett/ Sheppard will thrive as linebackers in the new system. Many of you are wondering what this means for the 2012 draft. No worries my friends, I will be throwing down a serious mock that I believe will be best scenario based on the recent news.

*The draft is according to us re-signing Stevie Johnson (I really hope we do keep him, and If we do, we will have a bomp WR core), and cutting ties with Chandler and Bryan Scott in order to have more spending money on players by the likes of Mario Williams, Anthony Spencer, LaRon Landry, Dwayne Bowe, Cliff Avril, Trevor Scott, etc.

1st Round: Courtney Upshaw- DE- Alabama

I know there are a bunch of Courtney Upshaw haters, but ironically, the 4-3 switch strongly works in his favor. Sources from Mobile said Upshaw looked "unblockable" at the defensive end position, and will thrive at the pro level. I think this is real safe pick and would instantly give us an addition that would solidify our defensive line within the top 10 in the league (instantly).

Other Picks: Luke Kuechly, Vontaze Burficit, Dre Kirkpatrick, Mike Adams, Quentin Coples

2nd Round: Vinny Curry- DE- Marshall

Bam! Our defensive line is finished and the toughest we've had in the decade (I strongly think so..). Curry and Upshaw off the edge would be SERIOUS as they would compliment stud tackles Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams. Curry and Upshaw would be immediate contributors, and with both of these players holding down our defensive end positions, we'd generate a serious pass rush...did i say SERIOUS?

3rd Round: Shaun Prater CB- Iowa

I would like Shaun Prater here, as we are lacking a true ball hawk in our depth of cornerbacks. Prater would line up with Williams and Rogers to make a real solid/ young CB core. Expect Mcgee or Florence to get the axe too.

4th Round: A.J. Jenkins WR- Illinois

4th Round: Ryan Broyles WR- Oklahoma

5th Round: Demario Davis ILB- Arkansas State

6th Round: Adam Gettis OG/C- Iowa

7th Round: Chase Ford TE- Miami

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