POLL: Is there anyone who is truly comfortable with our QB situation?

Now before I begin, I want to assure you Fitzpatrick lovers, that I am not going to waste time bashing the guy. He is under plenty of scrutiny already, he has earned our respect, and for that, he deserves our support. Is he the guy who may be manning the ship destined for the playoffs someday?(HA!... you get it? It's a PUN. Like, Manning? Ya get it? Ah, you get it.) Maybe not. Possibly so! It could be either of these, truthfully. What probably ISN'T in contention, is that Tyler Thigpen, or even Brad Smith probably aren't the guys that you envision leading us there, if Fitzpatrick got hurt/injured at some point in the season. Most teams are not as fortunate as we were this past season; rarely does any NFL team make it through the season with one starter, unless he is a very good quarterback. This too speaks on some level, to logically justifying some faith in Ryan's ability, based off his personal, and the team accomplishments this season. With some work on improved footwork, he could be downright effective, I dare say.

So what is the plan for the QB situation? Is it just a clear, foregone conclusion that we HAVE to draft someone right away, or else risk, basically not even having one at all?

To me, for the Buffalo Bills, Tyler has lived up to his long nickname of "Pig pen" as most of his work on the field, has resembled, what you are likely to find all around the ground and pigs... in a pigpen.

Brad Smith doesn't know if he is a QB, a WR, a kick returner, or what. He is waiting for someone to tell him, apparently. Can't say I wanna hand over the reigns so to speak, to him, if we had a situation where Fitzpatrick couldn't play (something worse than a rib, perhaps?) and had to field a backup. I am interested in seeing where our new QB coach can take him, given his wildcat background, but I hardly see us setting up a gimmick offense, along with our current offense, and trying to employ that, when we can't even accomplish simple route combinations/ string together first downs/ convert 3rd downs right now. (though I am a believer that had we stuck with our version of the wildcat, that we might have been able to continue to convert on 3rd down. I don't see why when he became a WR that ruled that package out.)

I don't expect that a single year is going to do much, but to some of these guys, it will contain their first off seasons, and so in some small ways, we can see just as much rapid improvement as we saw early in the season. An off-season program can do wonders for a team, and I hope that preparation will help us cross some of our hurtles, and maybe help some other decision making be less crucial, consequential, or generally curious. However, EVERYBODY gets that offseason this year, and some teams have a much much better starting foundation to build from.

So, it seems pretty clear that we have a pretty big need, at the most important position. Nothing new, same ol' same ol' right? This is a problem, we know it, we need to address it.


Still waiting.

Here we sit, now, a single snap from ZERO QBs, that we would really want to put out on the field (or we could almost hope to be good enough at a wildcat that we need not employ a QB at all, at that point). So I think, we can all clearly agree that if we somehow don't have a viable QB behind our HOPEFULLY viable starter (For me, the jury is still out on FItzpatrick in a number of ways, and so I feel whether he has earned our respect and support or not- If he continues to be inaccurate, and throw terrible footballs, and go from not helping us win games, to losing us games: we better have another option back there. )

So the questions I ask are these:

Do we sign a FA? Who might be available? Are we definitely going to draft? Is there someone like TJ Yates you are looking at, do you think we should bet the farm on Luck? Is it fine to wait another year, and expect that Thigpen isn't as bad as we have seen, it is only lack of reps, or that Brad really has the skills to be a "rebirth" of Slash? What would YOU do about the QB situation, this year, and just explain why you think that gives us a good opportunity for future success. I am curious what each of you thinks, and too often we simply enter a blip, or give the most obvious answer: We want Luck. We want RG3. Sure we do. I am open to hearing that, but: see anyone else? Follow an alma mater? Some guy you think might not make his NFL team this year, that we could try out? I think it is time for all hands on deck, we should be looking out for the future stars of this team, and finding the gems that others' might not have uncovered yet! At very least, is there a CHANCE that we could land our "QB of the Future" this season?!?!?! If so- Who is he? Will he be at the combine? Should he be? Tell me your thoughts. I would like to hear them.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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