Morning Joe! 4 to 5 Key Additions

Good morning Bills Fan,

Tuesday's are always the toughest day of the week for me. Hopefully, this Morning Joe can get me off on the right foot.

Today's Joe will be about the 4 to 5 key additions that the Bills can and should make this offseason. Yes, I narrowed it down to ONLY 4 to 5 :). This is year 3 of the Nix/Gailey regime and whether you will like to admit it or not, this is truly a make or break year for the pair. I really don't believe that this regime can afford to have another losing season and fail to make the playoffs for three consecutive seasons. We've seen GM's and coaches get fired for a lot less, just look at KC.

So what will happen if with we make these 4 to 5 key additions?

  1. Gailey and Nix keeps their job
  2. Fitzpatrick keep his job
  3. We make the playoffs and possibly beyond
  4. We attract potential Free Agents in the future
  5. Easier to keep upcoming FA's
  6. We show up for games
  7. Optimistic Fanbase

Now would you believe me Bills fans if I was to tell you that we are only 4 to 5 additions away to get over the proverbial "hump"? Probably not, because a lot of has grown to be rather pessimistic over the years, and for great reason. But these key additions will defintely proove to you that we are trying to improve and we are on the cusp of greatness, which is something that this fanbase and the city can tolerate.

Okay, so lets see what these additions are:

Disclaimer: This analysis is based off the idea that the Bills can stay reasonably healthy throughout the season. Obviously, if we lose key guys for the season then this changes a lot of things, but nonetheless it's something us fan can hang our hat on at the end of the day.

  • Sign Mario Wiliams- Guys, its simply put up or shut up for this regime. There is a really good chance that Mario becomes a FA this year. The Texans was a top ranked D last year without him, and resigning him will be too expensive for them. Even the idea of franchising him and then trading him could be a trick proposition for the Texans. We have the money to spend on this guy, I suggest we do it
  • Sign DeSean Jackson- This is the type of speed guy that our "new" WR coach Bob Bicknell was talking about yesteray during his interview. I know some of us would prefer Bowe or Jackson, but I just don't see any of those teams let their best weapon leave the city. Jackson on the other hand has worn out his welcome in Philly. The Eagles is willing to pay him the money he's asking for. I also think he's a better fit to our offense then any of the FA's out there. He can line up both inside and outside and will allow else to continue develop Jones and Easley. Jackson will also be cheaper to sign then Bowe and Jackson.
  • Draft our Franchise LT- With two of major holes filled, we should draft the best LT prospect available. This draft is flooded with great yourng LT's and the staff will have it's pick of a Day 1 starter.
  • Sign or Draft a CB- With the emergence of some of the young CB's we can surely use a veteran CB. Flo, McGee, and Leodis can easily be replaced. I'm open to drafting the best CB availble in the 2nd round this year, because they will be cheaper. But if you rather take a veteran CB, here is the list of the best available CB that might hit free agency. If we address CB in free agency, we can draft the best pass rushing DE.
  • Resigning of Stevie Johnson- I didn't know if I should count this as an addition, but resigning Stevie will be the most important offseason move. Letting him walk will furstrate this fanbase, leaving Nix and Gailey with no friends.

Now Bills fan, I know the chances of all of this happening is slim to none. Mainly due to the inepitude of our front office and overall bad luck. For the life of me, I will never understood why our front office won't make moves like this considering the posssible outcomes listed above. You might not agree with the players I want or the overall way in which I want to acquire them, but for the most part we all would agree that we need an upgrade at DE/OLB, WR, LT, and CB.

Will our front office get this right?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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