Senior Bowl summary on players of note.

Now that the Senior Bowl is over with, I decided to do read some summaries of what players stock rose and which one's dropped, in regards to players mentioned that the Bills might draft in 1st round. A name that most people have not mentioned, probably because you can't spell it,

is Alameda Ta'amu, DT, Washington, really rose - The following was written about his performance in practices, etc.

If scouts were hoping to be wowed by Ta'amu, all they need to due is watch the Senior Bowl game film. The big defensive tackle was dominant every time he lined up and was a constant nuisance for opponents. He collapsed the pocket on several occasions, overpowering opponents to make plays behind the line of scrimmage or force the action. His quarterback pressure at the end of the first half ended what looked to be a potential scoring drive for the South. In the second half the South was forced to double team Ta'amu in the attempt to slow him down.

When the Bills missed passed on Ngata for Whitner years ago, I have envisioned the Bills drafting a large Defensive Tackle to stop the run, ala Ted Washington. I just wonder if the Bills would take him in the 2nd round if he is there, with Kyle Williams and Dareus as starters. Would it be worth it?

Most mock drafts have had Bills taking Coples or Upshaw, of which the following was written about Coples Senior Bowl experience:

Quinton Coples/DL/North Carolina: Coples flashed brilliance during the game, looking like a man among boys at times. His athleticism is incredible, as Coples beat opponents with quickness, speed and power. On several occasions he had Kelechi Osemele flailing in an attempt to slow him down. When he could not get to the quarterback, Coples got his long arms up to swat away passes. When he's on his game Coples is a difference-maker up front. The problem for scouts is determining how often Coples is willing to play at his highest level.

Vinny Curry/DE/Marshall: Curry continues to impress scouts with his ability to get penetration across the line of scrimmage. He was constantly in the backfield and his quarterback pressures in the first quarter caused a lot of problems for the South. On one occasion Curry bull rushed the much larger Zebrie Sanders into the pocket which resulted in a loss of yardage. Curry has significantly improved his draft stock this week and a good combine workout could secure him a spot in the late part of Round 1.

Nigel Bradham/OLB/Florida State: Bradham was fast and athletic all game long, running down opponents from all directions of the field. He was terrific in pursuit and Bradham made several outstanding plays in open space. Bradham showed skill in pass defense and was on top of his game covering tight ends and running backs.

Courtney Upshaw, DE/OLB, 6’2, 273, Alabama

Upshaw spent part of the week at defensive end where he showed a number of teams he has the tools to make the transition at the NFL level. Upshaw’s versatility will present teams with a number of options, lets him play in a number of schemes and in a league where the hybrid defense is becoming the norm, allows him to stay on the field for more downs.

Part of Upshaw’s problem coming into Senior Bowl week was that he was a player who had been used primarily as an edge rusher at Alabama. He was asked to pin his ears back and attack more so than to read and react so questions about his football IQ needed to be answered. What coaches and scouts got to see was an intelligent, instinctual linebacker who has the versatility to play down on the line if need be. He lacks the football IQ of Luke Kuechly and as such will require more coaching but his athleticism is better. He probably made his way up into the top half of the first round last week.

Melvin Ingram, DE/OLB, 6’2, 276, South Carolina

Ingram and Upshaw have a lot in common in terms of skill-sets and versatility, but unlike Upshaw who played linebacker in college and is looking at playing some defensive end in the pros, Ingram was recruited as a linebacker, played end in college and now he’s making the switch back the other way. Headed into the Senior Bowl teams wanted to see how the Gamecock defensive end could make the transition and were pleasantly surprised.

Ingram would have work to do in order to make it happen correctly, he’d have to work on changing his body type a little and he needs to work on technique quite a bit, but you can’t teach athleticism. That’s what coaches and scouts saw in Mobile, he has the tools, he just needs the coaching. He also brings the versatility to be able to play a few different positions in a number of different schemes. That versatility, like with Upshaw, should help raise his stock on its own, but coupled with the week Ingram had in Mobile, he’s really helped himself.

Stock has dropped:

Russell Wilson/QB/Wisconsin: Wilson was terrific when he lined up in the shotgun and was able to move outside the pocket and throw on the move. When he was asked to play in an NFL style offense it was a completely different story. From the pocket Wilson sprayed his passes around the field and missed an easy scoring opportunity early in the game when his throw was wide of the mark. He showed little in the way of pocket presence or the ability to sense the rush. Wilson is a tremendous athlete, but he needs a lot of work before he'll be an NFL-ready passer.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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