Wild-Card Round Author-Mod's Pickem

We are now into the playoffs, and the gap has stayed the same this week, Silverstreak and Ron are now duking it out for the championship unless someone slips up horribly. Poz gets the standard 8-8 for missing his picks last week.


  1. Ron 165
  2. silverstreak 162
  3. krytime 158
  4. WABillsfan 157
  5. Joe P. 155
  6. Kurupt 150
  7. poz 128

The Dolphins answered our prayers last week and made sure the Ryans missed the postseason this series, enjoy the fireworks gang!

Game krytime
Kurupt silver WA

Ron Joe P. poz










On Bye: NE

Game krytime
Kurupt silver WA

Ron Joe P. poz

WABillsfan's Pick Justifications:

Bengals- While Dalton may be ill and the team green as far as
experience goes, Houston is just to beat up to do more than be happy
to be in the playoffs finally.

Saints- If this was outdoors, I would consider the Lions but since it
is in New Orleans, no, gotta take the home team.

Giants- Their pass rush makes what the Falcons have seen this season a
joke, and Pierre-Paul is playing like a man possessed, Giants roll.

Broncos- IF IF IF Big Ben was healthy, I would take the Steelers all
the way, but I think there is still a little more Tebow Magic left,
also, Ben sucks out of the shotgun and he cannot play under center
with a bum wheel, Broncos win tough 9 to 8 game.

Ron's Pick Justifications:

Texans: Andre Johnson will be Yates' security blanket and the Texans will run the ball well enough. Throw in a complicated defensive scheme by Phillips and Dalton will contribute a critical error or two.

Pittsburgh: Tebow will make it easy for Elway to move on to a QB who can actually pass the ball.

Saints: Yes, the Lions are healthier than they were when they were throttled by New Orleans earlier in the year. The problem is that Detroit dooesnt score almost every possession and Brees does

Falcons: I don't buy the Matty Ice thing. First its a really stupid nickname. More importantly he tends to fold under pressure a la Tom Brady. These Giants defensive linemen aren't as good as the ones who gave us "19 and D'oh!" but then Matt Ryan isn't Tom Brady either.

Kurupt's Pick Justifications:

Texans - This game is either going to be a snoozer, or the best game of the weekend. I think it'll be the former. I'll take the rookie QB with the elite running game and better defense at home. With a full offseason program for Dalton, a couple of first round picks (stud RB?) and maybe a free agent or two, watch out for Cincy next year, though.

Steelers - Even with Roethlisberger dinged, I can't envision the Broncos offense putting up much of a fight against the great Steelers' defense. In fact, I'd be shocked if Denver scored more than 3 points. Not that I expect Pittsburgh to score much more than that, but whatever it is should be more than enough against that failure, Tebow.

Saints - I fully expect Detroit to put up a much better fight than last time around. With Suh playing in this one and potentially wreaking havoc up the gut, Drew Brees may have to rely even more on his safety valve in Darren Sproles. I expect an absolute huge game out of the little gremlin. Marques Colston and Calvin Johnson should also have monster games, but the difference will be the always calm, always cool Brees. The Saints should pull away late, winning by a couple of scores in a shootout.

Falcons - I want to see NYC explode this weak after a Giants meltdown. I'm sick of hearing Giants fans talk about how good that team will be in the playoffs after a mediocre season. This team is very schizo at home and the Falcons are a very solid all-around team. Both QB's have played great football this season, especially the second half of the year, but I think Ryan has been better and more consistent (17 TD, 3 INT last 8 games, compared to 14 and 11 for Eli). If Atlanta can limit Victor Cruz, I think they'll pick up the W.

Krytime's Pick Justifications:

Cincy - I'm pulling for them, and I think I could see an upset here.

Denver - I see another upset here as well. That's a good Denver D in my book, and a banged up Big Ben doesn't bode well for Pit.

New Orleans - I can't wait to watch this game. Unless Detroit pukes on itself, this could be a barnburner.

Giants - I've been going against the ATL all year, so why stop now?

Joe P.'s Pick Justifications:

Texans- seasoned team playing at home vs rookie QB and WR

Saints- Brees wins it on the last drive of the game

Giants- Have their pass rush humming? Ryan will be cryin.

Broncos- Pouncey, Mendenhall, and Big Ben are hurting and on the road

Poz's Pick Justifications:

Houston - just the better team despite injury issues

Saints - maybe the super bowl champs

Giants - a dangerous team at the wrong time

Steelers - the broncos have been exposed

Silverstreak's Pick Justifications:

Bengals - houston is too banged up and I like the calmness of dalton over yates.

Lions - in the upset pick of the week, I go with the lions over the red hot saints. Not real reason just a hunch.

Falcons - I like the falcons at home. I think the giants limped their way in nd atl is coming into a groove.

Broncos - talk about limping. I like the broncos at home against a beat up ben. If he plays like he did before they lose, and tebow can't actually be worse than he has been, right?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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