But, Suteck

Oh, this is gonna be a fun week on this site as more unrealistic blame to the wrong people will get stated in such frequency that the presidential candidates are blushing with shame.

Lets try to separate fact from fiction. Each statement starts with "But, Suteck..."

1. Fitz threw 4 INT yesterday. As Matt said, he threw exactly 1 bad pick. 1. That's it. Truth be told, his first 2 picks in the first half don't matter because along with CJ's fumble, none of the turnovers led to NE points. His third INT was well after the defense gave away the game, and the 4th was during garbage time. Sometimes, you get easy TDs, sometimes, you give away more picks (see Weeden and Cassell).

2. Fitz is obviously not elite b/c he lost to Brady. So, the fact that the defense gave up 45 points had nothing to do with it? And Fred's fumble was far more costly then anything Fitz did.

3. Fitz let us down with the passing game. Really? So, it is okay that the number 3 rushing attack sputtered yesterday b/c NE was more stout? I know Fred and CJ were hurt, it was their choice to play and the game plan simply couldn't be executed. Where was the OL to take control of the game, you know the OL with a first round pick, 2 second and 1 third?

4. The offense couldn't match Brady, so, that is on Fitz, right? No, it is not. Lets compare 2 points in the game. Point 1, the Bills are up 21-7 and it is a big third down with Buffalo on offense. NE comes up with a big stop. Flip that and Fitz had narrowed the gap to 14 late in the 4th. Big third down and 8 for our defense, A stop forces a punt and who knows, the result, first down.

5. Fitz's bad performance made the defense tired. Really? Because a stat midway through the third had both teams with THE EXACT SAME TOP. So, both defenses were equal, and honestly, our front 4 is supposed to have depth so, they might have even played less then the 18 min they were out on the field. They weren't tired.

6. This is the same crap as we saw against the Jets. No, it is not. For over half the game, they played pretty good. What happened is they relaxed for one second and NE seized control and took the game over. It sucks that it happened, but, that is the truth. That is a lesson they won't forget.

7. Fitz lost us the game. Really? So, Fred's fumble at a critical juncture of the game was a non-factor? Where was the OL in the game? Fitz was under pressure all game. Fred's fumble was far more costly then anything Fitz did.

8. The offense lost this game for us b/c Brady is elite. Again, not true. Where is most of the talent on? Defense. Where was the run defense? If you can't stop the run, then you also can't stop the pass. That defense relaxed in the third and lost the game for us. Our DL lost to an OL that was without their best player and was under heavy criticism up to that point. I'm sorry, but, NE's makeshift line outplayed our "collection of stars" on the DL. They could never get a pass rush b/c they gave up more then 240 yards rushing.

In my opinion, they let up, and that cost us the game. I also think that Wanny has not been good so far. I feel that our best players are young and aren't ready to take control of the team yet. When these kids grow up, games like this won't happen. Again, you talk about the biggest difference between NE and us, guys that can take control Brady, Wilfolk and so on. Our guys simply aren't there yet.

Luckily, we are tied for first, still control our own destiny and have 12 games left over the next 13 weeks.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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