I Love Everything About This Team

I never liked football that much. I played for a couple years when I was a kid, but I didn't care for it much so I stopped playing. I rarely watched football, it almost always put me to sleep. I was a Bills fan because I was from Rochester, but I rarely ever cared, I just wasn't that into it.

But all that changed two years ago when the Bills played the Steelers. I don't know why I decided to watch the game that day. I didn't know a ton about football but I knew enough to know that the Bills were terrible and that Steelers were a top NFL team. I saw the Bills play a close game. I watched Ryan Fitzpatrick keep us in that game. I cheered as a group of nobodies kept the Buffalo Bills neck and neck with one of the best teams in the league. I know Stevie dropped that pass, but it was the first time I had every watched football and been inspired.

And thats why I got into football, why I got into the Bills. Because this team inspires me. Ryan Fitzpatrick inspires me. Fred Jackson inspires me. The whole team inspires me. I fell in love and I was rewarded with the 2011 start. Beating the Raiders the way we did was amazing. But coming back against the Patriots? Thats a moment I will never forget.

That was a team that played with heart, that put their heart into the game and stood in solidarity with Buffalo and all of Western NY symbolized by Fred Jackson raising the Bills flag above his head to a roaring Ralph Wilson stadium.

Even after the season ended the way it did, I became the proud owner of Buffalo Bills season tickets, two years removed to being a fan that knew nothing about the Bills (O, and right now Im at school in Syracuse, so I drive a ways)

I write all this to say that I have not and will not lose faith in this team. I follow the Bills because of the guys who play for the team. Because Fred Jackson was an undrafted Free Agent. Because Chan Gailey put a team on the field who knows how to put up points. Because Ryan Fitzpatrick is s*** on week after week but puts his everything into this team and into those games. I don't want a Tom Brady, I don't want a Randy Moss, I don't want a Met Life Stadium. I want Fitzy, I want Stevie, I want the Ralph. I want to see this team win because they will win with heart. And if they lose? I don't care, because Id rather lose with heart, with guys who believe in eachother then win with a bunch of diva, Ugg wearing punks.

I love this team because they are the reason I watch football and will love them even if they finish 2-14. So blowout or no blowout, I will not lose the faith.

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