What do ou like this weekend? Week 6

What a terrible week. It seems the cynicism and sarcasm on BR is at an all-time high. I cannot blame my fellow Bills fans for seeing this thing as half empty...I do too. To make matters worse, it seems that I have lost my ability to pick a damn winner. Once again, underdogs go on a "covering" spree. In my mind, the trends for this season are still playing out and we should all be a bit more tentative until we see teams develop further. Let's recap my (insert nasty adjective here) plays:

ATL-3**: (W) Good play...I like what Hotlanta is doing. Plan to play them again this week.

GB-7*: (L) It is my experience that the emotional play rarely wins. I have found that it becomes a distraction from the task at hand. Also, it is never good to have your head coach (unless he's Dick Jauron) off the field. The Horeshoes proved me wrong big time. Also - WTF is going on with Green Bay? Not the pint machine they used to be. Always looking labored to stay in games.

CIN-3.5**: (L) Miami...just another reason to hate you.

CAR-3***: (L) From last week "I made a mistake to bet against Cam and the boys...won't happen again this week against a terrible Seattle road team". This team makes me want to SCREAM!!! How about a little consistency?!?! Even the Bills have managed consistency (even if it is consistently awful). Having Carolina on a bye is the best thing that could have happened to my wallet this week.

BUF@SF OVER 44.5***: (W) Not another word

HOU@NYJ OVER 41.5*: (L) I said the Jets wouldn't be blown out...they weren't. However, the Texans failed to keep their end of the bargain and hang a couple more points on them then they did.

Another bad week 2-4-0 on the week making my season record 17-15-1. Mediocrity is creeping up. Stick around for some picks that are bound to bring that record back up.

Trying a new way of posting lines...let me know what you think (lines are all from SB Nations betting blog and OddsShark)

Pittsburgh at Tennessee +5, O/U 43

Indianapolis +3 at NY Jets -3, O/U 42.5

Oakland +9.5 at Atlanta -9.5, O/U 48

Detroit +5.5 at Philadelphia -5.5, O/U 47.5

Dallas +3.5 at Baltimore -3.5, O/U 43.5

Kansas City +3 at Tampa Bay -3, O/U 40.5

Cincinnati -1 at Cleveland +1, O/U 44

St. Louis +3 at Miami -3, O/U 37.5

Buffalo +5 at Arizona -5, O/U 43

New England -3.5 at Seattle +3.5, O/U 44

NY Giants +5 at San Francisco -5, O/U 44.5

Minnesota at Washington - N/A - until RGIII's situation is settled

Green Bay +5 at Houston -5, O/U 47

Denver +1 at San Diego -1, O/U 49.5

My Plays

NYJ-3***: Indy coming off a big emotional win...time for a let down.

ATL-9.5***: I'd play this at -14. Atlanta is poised to go into their Bye Week at an outstanding 6-0 against a team that never comes east in a meaningful way. (Also - look for Oakland to be flat after their bye)

CIN-1**: Tough one...Cleveland will be playing in their own little super bowl trying to not go 0-6...won't matter though as the Battle for Ohio will go to the better team.

NE-3.5***: Quest is a tough place to play for visiting teams...most visiting teams are not the New England Patriots. Look for a bloodbath in Seattle.

BUF @ ARI OVER 43**: My little sister just called and told me Arizona just hired her to play QB. She's gonna throw for 500 yards and run in 3 TDs on her own. Buffalo will add a field goal or two for the cover. But seriously, Arizona should be able to hang enough (.....maybe 44 points) to cover. But seriously, Buffalo will do their part (by allowing Kevin Kolb to look like Tom Brady). But seriously...Take the OVER in every Bills game for the rest of the season.

Finally, STL+3**: The Rams looked like the real deal against Arizona last Thursday. Even sans Amendola, I think they come out on fire and win this game (let alone cover the spread).

There you have it...comment away! Whatever you plays are...good luck this weekend.

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