How I see it

Our Buffalo Bills won today. I see many are upset, and I don't understand why. Here is what I saw:

Our team went into a hostile environment after having played horrible football for 6 straight quarters and their season on the edge. They had to play a long road game against a team that had BEATEN NE IN THEIR BUILDING. Whether or not they have bad tackles or offense, the truth remains that they faced the same offensive line NE faced.

On the play calling. Was it a bit odd, yep, but, you know what, when it works, it's great, when it doesn't, it's terrible. I watched Brady or some other QB run a naked bootleg last week on a 4th down and make the first. I instantly flashed back to when Bledsoe ran the exact same play, except with horrible results, the NE defender smells it out, stuffs him, Bledsoe Fumbles and NE runs it back for a TD and they win. Great when it works, horrible when it doesn't.

At times, I thought Chan was too timid, other times too aggressive, but, it is easy to second guess at that time. He has to not only run a game, but, try to control the moral and toughness of his players. This team was fragile and needed a big win to regain confidence. They did.

As for the OT punt, it was the right call. IF Lindell misses it, they get the ball back at the 43 and they are 15 yards from being in his range. The fact that it was inches from working should have proved that. Oh, I think that was the wrong call. My understanding of how coverage works is that if the guy is down and the ball isn't moving forward, the play is over. Martin was down and had control of the ball and then touched the line. The fact they looked at it for a very long time IMO backs me up. I think it was more they couldn't overturn it more then it was the correct call.

Lastly, Fitz played a game that he didn't do anything wrong. He played a tough defense in their house. I'd imagine Fitz's numbers are consistent with the numbers Brady and others have had against them. That is a good defense that we beat, again, in their house.

I am not sure about you, but, I saw 2 good teams engaged in a tough battle defensively and both sides got a bit of luck and luckily, we came out on top. The D looked good, but, again, Wanny made a huge mistake. THe commentary was correct, every time a TE was lined up over Kelsey, he couldn't maintain edge, and it cost them. I finally saw a tough game mentally where our team had to dig deep and find a way to win, and they did. Was it pretty, nope, but, who cares. This type of win could go a long way in helping them regain an edge.

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