Fellow BILLS fans, I am writing today to inform you that we have already surpassed our road win total from last year. I am impressed by our teams perseverance to rebound from Spiller's Loss at Cleveland and still close them out. Additionally, I am proud of the BILLS' ability to withstand Gailey's foolish playcalling, Fitzpatrick's "Accuracy", and a 61 yard field goal that almost gave me a heart attack and sent me into my all too familiar losing BILLS fan mentality. "Oh Well I thought, at least it wasn't a blowout," but I caught myself and said no damn it, we are not going to lose this game.

I want to address this losing mentality first, as it seems to have seeped in from our players and team into our fanbase. Now I don't blame everyone who thought, oh well at least we showed up to play a close game against the Cardinals on the road. But the reality is that this mentality is poison and will never get us to where we want and deserve to be. We should expect to win games, not luck into them. It's very easy to get down on this team after perfomances like the second half of the Patriots Game and the entire 49ers game but we need to maintain the faith. This team has taken alot out of me over the years. As a BILLS fan in Texas, I was ridiculed, laughed at, and ultimately felt sorry for during and especially during our SuperBowl runs. This took a toll on me, yet I still maintained my fandom. Then in 1999 the Music City Miracle happened and my hopes and dreams fro this team went down the toilet. The BILLS inflicted what I know now to be a gut punch that has had me gasping for air for the last 13 years. Regardless, of this "miracle" every new NFL season I thought to myself, this year is different, this is the year we make the push to the playoffs. Needless to say every year I have been disappointed. I am known as the boy who cried wolf, to my cousins and friends since I proclaim that the BILLS will make the playoffs every year (they tune me out now)

This year is different my fellow BILLS fans, as this is the year we make that surge towards the playoffs. Look at the AFC Landscape, everyone except two teams (Ravens and Texans) as many wins as us or fewer., and they play each other this week. We have an opportunity here to finally end this miserable, soul-sucking, torturous playoff drought but the BILLS need our help.

Our two road wins have a common denominator, you know what that is? BILLS fans making their presence felt at the opponents home field and showing our BILLS, support. I BILLIEVE there were upwards of 5,000 Bills Fans at the game this past weekend, and in Cleveland there were so many Bills fans that the players stated that it felt like a home game. has an article that states that we are one of the top fan bases in the NFL. Consequently, one of my points of this fan post is to say let's prove it. I'm calling for all BILLS fans who live in a city where the BILLS are playing this year to come out and support the BILLS. I went to the first game of the season in New Jersey and tried to support them and am also attending the Texans game sporting my BILLS colors.

BILLS fans in Houston, New England, Indianapolis, and Miami I am calling on you if you are able to help our players by showing your support and rooting them on at the games. BILLS fans in Buffalo you're doing a great job keep it up, lets ensure all of our home games are a sellout. I am a big BILLiEVER in cycles, and this current cycle of agony and heartbreak began in Tennessee in 1999 when that "lateral" ended our playoff hopes and set forth 13 years of mediocrity. We are better than this fellow fans, and as I get off of my soapbox I just have to say the new cycle BILLS fans of positivity and success began when Alex Carrington blocked that 38 yard field goal. That was the point of inflection, or tipping point if you will and we will thrive, you have to BILLIEVE it.

I apologize for the length of this post, but I feel like I have gotten a lifetime of painful fandom off of my chest, and I'm not going to expect any more losing. Our mentality has to change as a fan base for the results on the field to. I am sick of being the lovable loser, the team that should be happy to be here, the division doormat.


Also, let's mess these Titans Up, let's take out all of our frustrations and disgusting feelings we get whenever we hear the Tennessee Titans name get brought up, out on them. I personally loathe the Titans, and I know I am not alone. Go BILLS BABY!!!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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