What do you like this weekend? Week 7

Ugh...couldn't seem to pick a winner last week. Way too many strange things happening in the NFL. While my 1-4-1 showing last weekend leaves me with little-to-no credibility, I will slug on and hope some of you continue to read, comment and share your picks. Let's try to get back on track this week.

NYJ-3***: (W) It pains me to win on a Jets pick...but after last week, I'll take what I can get.

ATL-9.5***: (L) Everybody loved this pick across all of the betting blogs I've read. Luckily for dirty bird fans, they came out on top and go 6-0. Unfortunately, they looked helpless and couldn't cover the spread

CIN-1**: (L) Wow, Cleveland. What the heck are you doing looking like an actual NFL team? Oh, and Cincy - smh.

NE-3.5***: (L) I thought this one was a lock. Seattle was a huge surprise upset. Look for a letdown soon. They cannot be this good.

BUF @ ARI OVER 43**: (L) :-(

STL+3**: (P) Miami played a hell of a game. Season record now: 18-19-2. Stay with me fellow rumblers - we'll get this back to a winning record this week.

Week 7 Lines:

SEA@SF-8 O/U37.5

TEN@BUF-3 O/U46.5

ARI@MIN-6.5 O/U40


BAL@HOU-6.5 O/U48.5

GB@STL+6 O/U45

DAL@CAR+2.5 O/U45.5

WAS@NYG-5.5 O/U50.5

NO@TB+2 O/U49.5

NYJ@NE-10.5 O/U47.5

JAX@OAK-4 O/U43.5

PIT@CIN+1.5 O/U46

DET@CHI-6.5 O/U47.5

My Picks

BUF-3**: A little confidence can go along way. The team comes back east with a "W" (albeit one that they almost didn't earn). A big game at home - Buffalo pulls no punches and wins this one by two touchdowns.

IND-2***: Cleveland sucks...period. They got lucky in a game that they absolutely had to win. Indy blows 'em out after getting stomped by the Jesters.

BAL@HOU OVER 48.5**: Both teams defenses are banged up (Balty's more than Houston's) Balty gave up 29 last week to a struggling Cowboys team and Houston gave up 40+ to a HOT Green Bay team. Take the easy money on this one.

GB-6***: What did Aaron Rogers say when asked post-game about the haters, "SHHHHHH" Green Bay is back.

WAS+5.5*: Divisional game against a Washington team firing on all cylinders and a Giants team coming of a road blow-out of SF. I don't love it, but I'll tickle it.

NYJ@NE OVER 47.5**: New England's pass defense looks rough again. However, I do expect them to bounce back in front of a home crowd after a bad loss. Expect NE to put up high 35+ and NYJ to make up the difference with a couple crazy long bombs.

Well that's it. Will these picks push me back to the positive? Or, will I climb deeper in debt? Comment away and share you picks.

Finally - big shout out to Seargeant Major Thor for the Over play in the Den @ SD game (tagged along on that one) and DanRoc & Buf Eternity for the GB@HOU Over play (tagged along on that one too)

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