Looking ahead...

This post might seem really reactionary and negative, but I had been thinking about it ever since the loss to the Patriots. Looking ahead at the schedule, I honestly believe there is a reasonably good chance we go 3-13, or maybe 4-12. Let`s take a quick look:

at HOU: not a snowball`s chance in hell of winning this one. The Texans are the best team in the AFC and it is not close. Bye week or not, our boys will get thumped. Picture Rinehart trying to block JJ Watt... (3-5)

at NE: hahahahahahahahaha. (3-6)

vs MIA: this would be a potential win. But when I look at MIA, I see a team tailored to beat Buffalo. Fast running back who excels against defenses who struggle to set the edge, solid possession receivers who beat poor-tackling corners up and down the field, and one of the best run defenses in the NFL. This one is more of a toss-up, but I can`t take the Bills to win it. (3-7)

at IND: again, a possible win; but it`s on the road against a pretty solid QB. I`m feeling generous so i`ll chalk this one up as a W. Side note: Luck is super overrated. RGIII is so superior it isn`t even funny, and I really enjoy watching the media try to pump up Luck by saying ``but RGIII HAS TO GET HURT and Luck is a pocket passer who will definitely have like a 20 year all pro career``!!! (4-7)

vs JAX: another potential win, but MJD will run all over us, and JAX has a superior defense to TENN, who beat us up and down the field today. Also, the Stache cannot scheme for tight ends, and the Jags have a good one in Mercedes Lewis. (4-8)

vs STL: the Rams have a quietly nasty defense, and SJAX is still a quality runner. By this point, Spiller will probably have an injury anyways, and something tells me Ralph won`t abide 4-8, so Chan might be gone too. The wheels come off here. (4-9)

vs SEA: Beast Mode shows us why we should regret trading him for what amounted to Chris Hairston, who, for what it`s worth, played horribly today. Did anyone see that strip sack he gave up! Nasty. (4-10)

at MIA: I actually think the Phins will be in the playoff hunt at this point due to the weakness of the AFC. This year, a strong defense will really get you places. Looks like an 8-8 and in kind of year. And since we`ve all seen the amount of quit on this Bills squad, I can`t see them playing spoiler. (4-11)

vs NYJ: they already beat us 49-28, and that was when we were supposed to be fired up. At 4-11, we`ll just want to crawl in a hole, lick our wounds, and apply ointment to our torn...labrums...(4-12)I

I`m not sure if I`m being too negative here...but I foresee our season going a lot closer to this direction than a positive or 8-8 direction. Discuss.

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