Chan(apostrophe)s Lost The Bills

I'm not sure he even looked for them, or knows how to look for them, but he's lost them.

I've supported Chan based off of what looks like false hopes and a 2 year stint with the Cowboys back in the 90's (yay!) I can say at this point that Chan has lost his football team. They're not giving full effort any more and are embarrassing themselves in the process. I think I could have written this article a few times since Levy but it's time that I label this regime a bust/failure. If you want to "remain patient" and "let them gel/grow" then I support your decision. I won't agree but I'll support it because that's about all we have right now. As fans we have each other and that's about it. We support an amazingly dysfunctional franchise so at least we have that in common.

One doesn't have to look far to see that his team playing for him anymore. As much as Chris Kelsay has worn out his welcome with a lot of fans there is one thing that nobody questions and that's his work ethic. He's a hard worker and probably one of the reasons he's still in Buffalo so he can try and inject that attitude in the roster from a player P.O.V. He's been through so many terrible teams in Buffalo you kind of feel bad for him. However, I don't ever recall a time that he said that the Bills weren't giving their all. If you can find one of a past regime please let me know but as far as I recall Kelsay has never said anything along these lines:

"Some way somehow we’ve got to understand what accountability means across the board, playing hard every play," he said. "You watch the film and not everybody was playing hard every snap and that’s unacceptable."

If this team was 2-11 or 3-10 or something and the players were quitting I'd get it. When you're 3-3, tied for 1st place in the division and an inferior team is coming into your house and you aren't giving effort every snap then your head coach isn't doing his job. You can say the players need to play and the players shouldn't need motivation but clearly, obviously they do. Good coaches have a way of getting everything out of a player, bad coaches get unacceptable effort.

Chan has also indicated many times that he does not sit in defensive meetings. He said this today:

”I’m going to spend some time this week looking at it. Maybe I’ll have a better answer next week, but I don’t have that answer today. We’ve been week to week trying to keep ahead of the curve so to speak trying to win games. I haven’t sat down and visited at length with Dave about where things are.

Is it just me or is everyone else baffled as to why Chan hasn't talked to his defensive coordinator about his defenses historical ineptitude. At length or not at length if you have an issue you must address it. The NFL is a results oriented business and Chan is doing next to nothing on the defensive side of the ball. Call for him to get an OC, call for him to spend more time in defensive meetings but it's too little to late. You don't last long in the NFL if you aren't winning and Buffalo is going backwards with seemingly more talent.

My mindset right now is "who's our next HC going to be?". I don't see this team winning more than 2 or 3 more games tops, I see players that are quitting, I see an HC that isn't involved in every aspect of his football team and I see a losing record with nothing to suggest a reversal of course. Chans' lost this football team. I don't think he can get it back and I don't think he knows how to.

The only silver lining that I have is the hope that we get a top tier QB in this coming draft. A hope i've had for too long at this point.

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