Reassessment thoughts and contributions

Ok as per doctor's orders I have allowed myself 24 hours to digest what I saw yesterday before commenting on this website. I've listended to what Chan and the players have said and realize all of us fans have no choice but to hang on because were in for a bumpy ride. BUT. If I have to watch the Titanic sink I'm gonna have some fun while watching the show.

Let's start by stating the obvious, Fitzpatrick is terrible. Anyone who has played football knows if you can't throw a pass farther than 15 yards you probably should either be playing defense, as a kicker/punter or in Fitz's case a cheerleader. A team can not win consistently with screens and slants across the middle. Up until this point the only bright spots on this defense have been Spiller and Freddy who almost won the game up until Fitz...well became Fitz and threw a pick that ended the game. If OBD chooses to not sit this guy I fully support it...if only it results in us getting a first round QB next draft.

Next, Chan has reached his professional peak as a coach and although has proven effective in putting up points doesn't display traits of a head coach. I mean c'mon he doesn't even talk to the defense and Wannstedt does his job from the press box...yikes that's pretty bad. I mean would it kill him to go up to Wanny in the half and say "Hey guy, since your gettin paid and all ya think maybe you could take some time out of your long day and maybe iunno fire up the guys on defense? Maybe?". Sadly I think this might be Chan's last year with us. It's a shame too because he can put up points with a terrible QB like Fitz at the helm. Who knows maybe Nix can convinvce him to stay if our next head coach wants him around, I know he would make the transition easier.

Also, what's with this defense? It's a 4-3 that doesn't blitz or stop the run because the d-line plays their gaps too wide. Plus our linebacker play is atrocious, Scott played MLB for most of the game yesterday and the excuse was we were operating in nickel. The elephant in the room that has gone unnoticed is that both Sheppard and Bradham looked lost out there and we only have two veterans who are capable linebackers and one used to be a safety. The major question is where is Kirk Morrison? Yes he's listed as inactive every week but why? Did he sleep with one of the coaches wives? He's an experienced 4-3 MLB whose stats say it all, he's a run- stopping three-down player!

Let's move on, at the end of last season when Edwards was fired I was pleased to hear Wanny was going to take over. What I was not pleased to hear was the 3-4 was going to be gone in favor of the 4-3. I know Wanny's always had a 4-3 defense but I wasn't confident that our team could excel by switching back with three steady drafts/off-seasons of 3-4 personnel being acquired. After three games of massive defensive implosion I fear reality is sinking in that the players are not comfortable with the scheme and the coaches don't know how to stop an offense.

Finally, we get to my propsal. Why not shift back to the 3-4 or make a hybrid defense? We have two weeks and nearly all of our players (even Mario and M. Anderson) have 3-4 experience. The edge rushers we have are in Moats, Moore, Anderson (when healthy) and Merriman. In the 4-3 3/4 of those players are barely used. Since Mario has a wrist ailment he could be used as both an end/OLB and create mis-matches for offenses until he's 100% and if he can't generate pressure than it can't get much worse than the numbers he's been putting up.

On paper this is how I see it:

NT: Dareus, Sp. Johnson

DE: K. Williams, M. Williams, Sp. Johnson

OLB: Moore, Merriman, Moats, M. Anderson, M. Williams

ILB: Barnett, Morrison, Sheppard, Bradham, White,

FS: Byrd, Howell

SS: Wilson, Searcy, Scott

CB: Gilmore, A. Williams, Brooks, Rodgers, McGee

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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