I Dislike this Team with a Passion They Seem to Lack

Hey everyone. I post on this probably once a season and tell the same story about how I'm a teenage lifelong Bills fan who lives in Boston and how tough it is.. blah, blah, blah. Not much has changed on that front, as now I'm a teenage lifelong Bills fan who stayed in Boston for college. Luckily, there are some other Bills fans here to share in my misery. This isn't my point, though.

As a 18 year old Bills fan, I don't have too many lasting, positive memories of my favorite team. I can't even remember the last playoff game the Bills played (which I guess is a good thing). That being said, this year's team disgusts me more than any other Bills team I've watched. I've sadly become accustomed to watching some awful teams (2001, 2010), and in general, the consistent mediocrity of 6-10, 7-9 seasons. This year feels like it will yet again end up just another 6-10, 7-9 year, no different from what I've become accustomed to.

But this year IS different. These past Bills teams that have admittedly sucked, sucked because...well, they sucked. This team sucks, too. But they don't suck because they suck, they suck because of the way they suck. For the first time in my Bills fan hood, this team should be good. Going into each game this year, I've had a feeling in the back of my mind that we could win. I've never had this feeling before. But after last week, that feeling of what I guess was misguided confidence has been demolished and has melted into a feeling I've never felt with a Bills team. It's a feeling of extreme disgust towards not just the record of the team, but the team itself.

Let's hold back any modesty we pretend to have, and admit it, we're among the best, most loyal fans in sports. It's about time the players feed off of that. If our team can't get up for a sold out home crowd, coming back from a road trip, tied for first place, what could they possibly get pumped up for? As I've said, losing games sucks. But embarrassing us with such a lack of effort in a tight, home game with playoff consequences? That SUCKS.

You will never see that kind of performance from a New England Patriots team, the team Buffalo claims to measure themselves against. We love to bash Brady's whining, Belichik's demeanor, or cheap shots by their defense, but what that comes down to is, they don't do what we did this Sunday. Not just in terms of losing, they do that (rarely). But they absolutely never play with that lack of fire. As much as we hate Rex Ryan, he brings that fire we lack. He's a loudmouth, but he doesn't accept a lack of effort. We not only have players that inexplicably lay an egg like that at home, but we have a coach who doesn't get riled up about it.

I want to see someone on this team angry. Really angry. Angry in the same way we are. Not, "Oh..well I guess that wasn't the outcome we wanted. We'll do better next time" but someone who will stand up and go off on this team. Bills fans deserve better than the way this team plays, not necessarily in the win-loss column, but in the effort department. Let's have someone on the sideline shove someone. Someone flip out on a coach in front of the camera. Let's have a coach yell at a player as he runs off the field (a la Tom Coughlin). Show us one little sign that you care, Bills. To his credit, Chris Kelsay tried this to some extent. But someone needs to go further. Not just after the game, but during a game. I scared two girls in our school's lounge when Hasselbeck found Washington on fourth & ten by unleashing probably the loudest obscenity I've yelled in years. I ruined my chances with these girls, they probably think I'm a psycho. If a college boy is willing to ruin his chances with two girls, you should be willing to show us a little emotion for the same cause, Bills.

And so ends my rant.

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