Playing owner/GM

I'm a pretty good fantasy team owner. I (usually) draft good teams with depth, make smart trades as needed, guide my teams to the fantasy playoffs, and have won a couple glorious fantasy championships. This is the game I want to play, pretending to be the Buffalo Bills owner/GM.

I am hoping that our team can turn the ship around. That would mean playing much more competitively, but in my eyes the only real qualifier for that is making the playoffs. I can't wait for the day we clinch. Unfortunately, we have 2 of the toughest games on our schedule coming up and if we lose both of them we will need to win out to have any shot at the postseason. Hard to imagine to say the least. If it happens then I am happy, if is my plan:

Players to think about targeting before Tuesday's trade deadline:

WR- Greg Jennings, Green Bay Packers

WR- Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs

WR- Wes Welker, New England Patriots

WR- Ramses Barden, New York Giants

CB- Aqib Talib, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The deals I would try to strike:

Aqib Talib for Leodis McKelvin + late round draft choice

-Talib has had some trouble off the field, McKelvin has had some trouble on the field.

Fred Jackson for Greg Jennings (if fully healthy)

-Both aging players but still playmakers, we fill a big need at WR and Green Bay gets a legit RB. Spiller becomes the full-time feature back that he should be. I love Fred, but maybe this gives him a chance at a title as well.

If team finishes at 8-8 or worse:

Fire Chan Gailey and entire coaching staff. Fire Buddy Nix. Sorry guys, you had your shot.

-I believe if we keep these guys, they will keep Fitz as our starter. If we are 8-8 or worse, that's the wrong choice.

Release Ryan Fitzpatrick before his salary is guaranteed.

Promote Doug Whaley to General Manager.

As GM, my list of coaches I would look to interview are:

(I'm assuming coaches like Gruden and Cowher decline as they did last time around)

-Chip Kelly, Head Coach @ Univ. of Oregon

-Perry Fewell, Def. Coordinator for NY Giants

-Ray Horton, Def. Coordinator for Arizona Cardinals

-Rob Ryan, Def. Coordinator for Dallas Cowboys

-Kyle Shanahan, Off. Coordinator for Washington Redskins

I would offer the job to:

Chip Kelly, but he will decline because he is the hottest name in coaching and will have "better" opportunities.

The job will be offered to, and accepted by:

Kyle Shanahan. We wanted Mike a few years ago, instead we get his protege son in 2013. The reason I went this route is because we have swapped defensive and offensive minds ever since Mularkey took over for Gregg Williams (Williams-Mularkey-Jauron-Gailey.) As bad as our defense looks right now, it can be better and hopefully we get a fiery D-Coordinator hired by Shanahan. The main reason for hiring him would be because of the tutelage he has provided for Robert Griffin III. He's created a system for him that works and allowed him to thrive as a rookie. We will be drafting a rookie QB early in the 2013 draft, and Shanahan can be there from the start. I think he will like what he sees in Spiller, Stevie, and our O-line.

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