Poll: New QB or Coach?

The two things people really seem to clamor for is either;

-a blue chip Head Coach, someone to change the culture in Buffalo; or

-a blue chip First Round, "can't miss" type of QB to build around.

So here is your hard choice. Make sure to read each choice carefully, as there are specific caveats attached to both choices. You can have either of the following (Not Both):

1. A superior, Bill Cowher level head coach. I'll let you fill in the blank with whoever you like here. Part of the deal is he stays in Buffalo for at least six years, so it's not a dine and dash issue. The problem is two fold, tho. If you pick this option you are stuck with Ryan Fitzpatrick for at least the next five years and the Bills never pick any higher than 15 in the draft in any year the head coach is here. Now that doesn't speak to record or anything-we'll just say that due to some wacky trades, that is where the team always picks is 15. Also, no quality free agent QBs will be coming to Buffalo either. You're stuck with Fitz, and you don't get a top 15 draft prospect to groom and replace him.


2. Chan Gailey gets an unbreakable 6 year extension starting next year. He's the guy. No other coaches come in, he can't die or be injured in that time, etc. BUT, you get two top 5 picks in the next three years to spend anyway you want. These aren't in addition to the Bills pick, and don't reflect the record that year. (Again-we'll just pretend some ridiculous trade happens). As such, you can take two star level players, including a roll of the dice on the next superstar QB if you want.

Basically, if you could replace Chan or Ryan, but be stuck with the either, who would you choose? Why? Put it in the comments.

Now a few more notes:

Obviously "replacing both" would be an option many of you would take. I've left that out specfically because, basically, that's too easy of an answer. Make a stand! Make a choice! Defend it! Don't fill up the thread with why you would want both gone, we already know that. Which do you want gone MORE.

Also-clearly the hypothetical I'm proposing is kind of ridiculous and falls apart in some sort of scrutiny about how it could never happen. I get that. But just go with it, and don't fill up the comment thread about how the idea is just ridiculous situation. Of course it is.

Now. Go forth!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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