Shuffling the Deck

I know many are down still from the last game. I was disappointed as well but I have not given up on the season. I think we just need to shuffle the deck. This is a pivotal time during the season. I knock on wood saying this but this is as fragile as our division has been in a while. With the Pats struggling with injuries, same with the Jets. Miami has a young QB.

For the Buffalo Bills from the start of the season till now a lot has changed. Here are the changes I would make to sure

up our team all the way around.

  • Keep John Potter. We got away in the game with Lindell kicking off however with top offenses coming our way in Texans and Patriots every yard we can add between them and our end-zone helps.
  • De-Activate Arthur Moats. It is sad to say since he seemed to figure it out this pre-season but he has lost most of his snaps in the defense. He can't support the run or cover that well. A lot of fans i see are saying try him at RDE, I think that is waste of time because he can't hold the edge and he isn't that great a pass rushing threat.
  • Cut Ruvell Martin.
  • De-Activate or cut David Snow and de-activate Sam Young. Both are now expendable with Kraig Urbik coming back and Cordy Glenn. This frees up Chris Hairston.
  • Keep Shawne Merriman even when Mark Anderson gets back. Merriman helps with the run and gives you a veteran presence. I like the thought of them both standing up and charging the line. Merriman has energy and respect in the locker-room. Now that he is on the vet min. I think it is best to surround Kyle Moore with vets to mentor him. Moore is free agent this off-season we really need to see if he has anything worth keeping around. He has looked alright but doesn't have much to show for it yet.
  • I like how both Merriman and Moore are hungry and that is what you need in your DEs. Especially late in the game. Kelsay did call out everyone..but he just doesn't have the skill level to make a true impact on the game. All the big plays in last game came on Kelsay's side.
  • Let Ron Brooks take over for Martin. Give him a couple of games. Eventually if he is still sharp I think he can take over on the outside for Aaron Williams.
  • Replace George Wilson. He has lost a step mentally and doesn't play fast. Aaron Williams I think can play safety well. Him and Da'Norris Searcy could tag team it for now. I think even Ron Brooks could play a better strong safety since he has plays fast and physical. He has decent ball skills with great speed in recovery.
  • Activate Morrison but let Bryan Scott get more snaps. Morrison will be brought on the roster to mainly act as emergency depth for Middle Linebacker and Outside linebacker. He will be coaching up both Kelvin Sheppard and Nigel Bradham who are young and need the mental guidance.
  • With Moats, Young being de-activated and Snow and Martin Cut. Merriman being kept, Ron Brooks on the active and same with Morrison. That leaves us a flex position for either bringing up Marcus Easley or Mana Silva. Though you could keep one of Snow or Young. if you want an extra linemen.

These changes will bring more leadership and veterans to the defense. To offset the youth and lack of mental/passionate fast play. They will keep the ship steady for when those bigs plays occur which will hopefully be further between one another.

Share your thoughts as well. I don't think any coaching changes or GM changes need to be made, so just keep it to the players and within reason if you can. We are not out of it yet but we have to get on the up swing. We have a lethal Special teams game and running game. Fitz just has to be flat line and average. These moves will hopefully get the defense to limit these gaffes and be the field generals we need since many of the guys are learning on the job.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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