The Bills are 2-2. Relax.


Like all of my fellow Rumblers, I am sick of losing. I get it. It sucks. Over a decade of terrible football has worn on all of us. Like all of you, I want to win, and I want to win now. But Bills fans (including myself) can be obnoxious and unreasonable. We need to stop. Here are several points that irate Bills fans (again, including myself) need to keep in mind right now, and going forward.

1) So we got our a$$es beat by the Patriots...again. Well, so do a lot of teams. The Patriots are still one of the best teams in football. Furthermore, our two strongest offensive players, CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson, were hurt and played far below their capabilities. Honestly, I'd have rather sat both of them to let them heal, and played Choice and White all day. The point is that the Bills played a poor game, but many factors contributed to that. There are still 12 more games this season. Let's wait and see what our final record is in 2012. Don't panic yet.

2) There has been a lot of hate and frustration directed toward Chan Gailey over the past 2 and 1/4 seasons. Everyone loves to complain about the failures, but many fewer praise the progress. Do you all not remember the Jauron days when Buffalo couldn't score a Touchdown? Are you honestly telling me that Chan hasn't improved our team? Our offense is now a touchdown factory! In fact, Fitzpatrick, despite being a quarterback with mediocre physical gifts, is LEADING THE NFL IN TOUCHDOWN PASSES! That has more than a little to do with the coaching prowess of Chan Gailey. I don't know about you, but I have had more fun watching Gailey's Bills than any other coach since Wade Phillips. Know why? Because despite the losing records, WE SCORE POINTS!

3) Many Rumblers act as if the Bills' 12-year playoff drought is all Chan Gailey's fault. It's not. Chan Gailey has missed the Playoffs twice with the Bills. He completely rebuilt the foundation of the football team, and there were horrific growing pains. We finished 4-12, then 6-10. Last I checked, 6 wins is a bigger number than 4 wins. That's progress. Let's see what our record is at the end of this season. If the Bills win even one more game than 6, then Gailey deserves to keep his job. Progress is progress. As long as we get one more win each year, we will eventually make the playoffs.

4) I, like many of you, want to win the Super Bowl this year. Well, the chances of that are extremely remote (for any team). I don't know if any of you remember, but IT TOOK MARV THREE SEASONS JUST TO GET A WINNING RECORD! He went 4-12, then 7-8, then finally 12-4 with a Playoff appearance (where the Bills lost). It also TOOK MARV LEVY FIVE SEASONS TO APPEAR IN THE SUPERBOWL! Why should Chan get less time than that? If you Rumblers don't believe me, here's my source:

So, Rumblers, relax. I want to win just like all of you. In fact, the Bills want to win. We've seen it from them. No one can say if they will or not with certainty. So just sit back and watch. We'll all continue to get upset after losses, and we'll all continue to point out the flaws that caused those losses, but I'm sick of hearing the calls for Gailey's head. As long as we win more games each year without stalling or going backward, then I'm on board, and you should all be too. There are no shortcuts.

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