Bills - 49ers matchup, plus other NFL predictions

It’s time for Week 5 in the NFL. This week, the 2-2 Buffalo Bills are travelling out west to take on the 3-1 San Francisco 49ers. Let’s take a quick look at stats of both teams:
Buffalo Bills:
Total Offense: 11th (Rushing: 4th; Passing: 22nd)
Starting Quarterback (QB) Ryan Fitzpatrick: 19th overall; 931 yards (yds), 12 Touchdowns (TDs) and 7 Interceptions (INTs)
Total Defense: 23rd (Rushing: 28th; Passing: 23rd)

San Francisco 49ers:
Total Offense: 19th (Rushing: 3rd; Passing: 30th)
Starting QB Alex Smith: 28th overall; 784 yds, 5 TDs and 1 INT
Total Defense: 5th (Rushing: 5th; Passing: 5th)

Without going into long boring details about this matchup, the bottom line is the 49ers are a great rushing team, with Alex Smith being used a game manager. The Bills offense is built the same way as the 49ers, but the main difference between the two teams is if you can shut down the run, and force the offense to throw, then this heavily favors the 49ers. In two games so far versus AFC East divisional opponents, Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown for 7 TDs as well as 7 INTs. The Bills simply cannot put the game on Fitzpatrick’s shoulders, because if they do (like in the Jets and Patriots games this season), the Bills will get blown out.

My prediction about the Bills winning in San Francisco is:

For my predictions on the season so far, I am at 37-25 (finished 11-3 last week). Here are the rest of my Week 5 predictions:
Arizona at St. Louis: Cardinals (Cards unbeaten streak continues)

Miami at Cincinnati: Bengals

Green Bay at Indianapolis: Packers

Baltimore at Kansas City: Ravens (Cassell’s days are numbered in KC)

Cleveland at New Jersey: Giants (Could the winner of the 2012 Wilford Brimley look-alike contest [Mike Holmgren] be on his way out of town at the end of this season?)

Philadelphia at Pittsburgh: Steelers (Vick better quit blowing his money (blew $29 Million in the last four years) because if he does nott start playing better, he could be out of a job at the end of the season…and out of money)

Atlanta at Washington: Falcons

Seattle at Carolina: Seahawks

Chicago at Jacksonville: Bears

Tennessee at Minnesota: Vikings

Denver at New England: Patriots

San Diego at New Orleans: Chargers

Houston at New Jersey: Texans (Expect a bigger beating than what the 49ers gave them)

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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