What do you like this weekend? Week 5

There's been a dark cloud over Buffalo this week stemming from their shellacking from the Patriots. Unfortunately, the black cloud can be seen over my picks from last week as well. However, if you did listen to me, you're only out the vig as my picks went an even 3-3 (with the SF pick from the comments). Season record: 15-11-1.

Let's recap:

BUF+4** (L) What a difference a half

ATL-7** (L) I've been saying for the past few weeks that Carolina will start to make us some money...unfortunately, they took some money this week.

STL+3*** (W) I knew this was a great set-up for a Seattle loss. Always look for big vegas set-ups: emotional wins, short weeks, bad road record, vs. home dogs with talent upsides = set-up.

CIN-2.5** (W) Felt a Cinci clobbering was about to hit Gabbert and the gang...luckily I was right.

GB-7.5*** (L) Green Bay is starting to really look like a mediocre team. They are not the point machine they used to be and apparently replacement and regular refs alike have a problem with the Acme Packers.

SF-4.5 (from Comments - W) Tough to include this in the record - but it happened and I am - so there.

Lines and my picks after the jump.

ARI@STL+2 O/U39.5


PHI@PIT-3.5 O/U43

GB@IND+7 O/U47.5

CLE@NYG-8.5 O/U44


MIA@CIN-3.5 O/U45

BAL@KC+6.5 O/U46.5

SEA@CAR-3 O/U43.5

CHI@JAX+5 O/U 41

DEN@NE-7 O/U51.5

BUF@SF-10 O/U44.5

SD@NO-3.5 O/U54

HOU@NYJ+9 O/U41.5

My picks:

ATL-3**: Washington's defense is really hurting. I see Atlanta picking them apart. Washington will need to score and score a lot to keep up with Atlanta and I believe the ATL defense is stout enough to keep Washington in check.

GB-7*: Too much distraction with the terrible news around Coach Pagano. Some folks will read into this as a motivating factor for Indy. Others will see the obvious advantage for Green Bay who is coming off a bs loss in Seattle and a near loss to New Orleans on bad calls.

CIN-3.5**: Coming off a big win, going back home to take on a struggling Miami Cinci's odds here.

CAR-3***: See my comments above - I made a mistake to bet against Cam and the boys...won't happen again this week against a terrible Seattle road team.

BUF@SF OVER 44.5***: Two words - Vernon Davis. If you got him in Fantasy (like me) play him. Tough not to play the SF-10 bet too, but have a sneaky suspicion we see the good Bills come out and hang for a half (score like 17 or 21 points - Vernon Davis will do the rest).

HOU@NYJ OVER 41.5*: Vegas is looking for a Houston blow out (hence the 9 point spread). While that may be the case - I cannot see the Jesters being blanked again. I don't love this over, but it is low enough to throw a quick play on it.

Well? What do you like this weekend?

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