Too Early To Start Talking Change?... NOPE!!!!

Ok today's game was a DISASTER!!!!! Fitzy was horrible, missing throws that could have actually kept us in the game. On a few occasions we had WR's that were open for big gains, and Fitzy TOTALLY missed the passes. I know I've been a Fitzy supporter in the past, and I still like the guy, but I'm officially handing in my Fitzy supporter card. WE NEED TO DRAFT A NEW QB THIS YEAR!!!!!

I'm also pretty much done with Gailey/Wannsteadt. Yeah sure there is still time to turn this year around, but considering Chan's track record there's not an once of me that believes that's going to happen. I think Chan and Wanny need to go at the end of this season.

With that said, I still have faith in Buddy Nix. The guy has done a fantastic job of finding and upgrading the talent on this team, and I truly believe that the problem is the coaching. I just hope that Buddy see's that too. BUT I reserve the right to change that opinion if the Bills do not draft an true franchise QB in the 2013 draft. If Buddy can't see that Fitzy is not the answer, then he should be replaced along with the coaching staff.

As for what QB we should draft? I have no idea, I don't watch college football, and I have no idea who's coming out this year. I'll leave that information to JP, as he's the man when it comes to evaluating upcoming talent.

But is it too early to start talking about new coaches? I DON'T THINK SO!!!! I have 2 names for you that I think would make great head coaches in Buffalo.

The first? Mark Trestman
Currently the HC of the Montreal Allouettes in the CFL, the man is an offensive/QB guru that also knows how to bring in the right coordinators to do that work for him. He's won 2 championships and has appeared in 4 straight championship games as the HC of the Allouettes.

He was discussed back when we hired Gailey but apparently turned down the opportunity because he felt he wasn't ready to make the jump to becoming an HC in the NFL. But 3 seasons later? MUCH HAS CHANGED. his star QB is finally set to retire at the end of the season and the Allouettes are starting to look their age in the CFL.

If the bills are to draft early again in the up coming draft I would say that it would be the perfect opportunity for him to make the jump, draft his guy at QB and hopefully do to the Bills what Marv Levy did some 25 years ago when jumping over from the exact same position.

As for the second?.... brace yourselves... ROB RYAN!

I fully expect to get some heat from this, but I don't care. This guy is a defensive genius, who may actually be better than his brother. And while he still is a Ryan (and we all know what that means) he does seem to have a cooler head than his twin... although that just may be because of his position as a DC.

He's another guy who said that he's waiting for the right opportunity to make the jump to HC, and the Bills have plenty of the type of talent that he uses in Dallas right here in Buffalo. Plus, and let's be honest here, we'd all love to see what media trainwrecks would happen if the twins were to face each other twice per year as head coaches. I know that the Jets games would b e circled on my calenders!

I honestly do think that Rob may be a better, (slightly) more humble version of Rex and I for one would LOVE to see what he could do for us if he put his hands on the talent that we have on our D.

In the end though these are just the first two guys that came to my mind. And in reality, I just want to see POSITIVE change. Hey, do you guys think that we could coax The Chin out of retirement this time around?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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