I´m a Bills supporter from Europe and never wrote a Post before, but...

this time I have to put my anger in words. Read it or not, but I have to write it off my soul...

It´s quite difficult to live in Europe and to root for American Football in general. American Football does exist on Amateur-Level only here. Where I live "Football" means soccer - a historic, traditional game, and American Football is normally a sport people smile on because there is seen just a load of drug-inflated men who are jumping on the top of eachother to create a bunch of "whatever that should be".

So, I was really glad to find a NFL-team I can identify myself with. A really likeable small-market franchise with history in a climatic environment as well as with an approach to life i´m familiar with.

I´m attending the Bills only for several years now and got connected to that online-community a few month ago (I guess in the end of last or the beginning of this year).

Last years start was phenomenal. 5-2 and my feelings were so high on that team. they went down during the second half of the season, but nevertheless - they showed that they are capable to win football games also against higher ranked teams like the pats and the eagles.

Then the offseason came and the Mario-hype also touched myself. THIS D-Line HAVE TO be dominant. Our QB is far away from being elite, but if you can create a strong team arround him you don´t have to have an elite QB. It´s enough to have an average-QB who is able to deliver the ball accurate on short yardage and is capable to fire one or two balls down the field finding his receiver without to many INT in the course of these 4 quarters.

I also was high on our first round draft pick as several experts conceded, that he´s a solid, hard working guy with future. And I still think, that Gilmore is - despite his youth - one of the better parts of that D.

My current feelings?

For sure my fandom is not the only or most important engine for my life. I have a wonderful family, a nice job and a couple of good friends. But I have to say that the Bill´s performance influences my mood enormously. And I´m kind of angry about that performance. And my mood is accordingly.

Not only because Fitzpatrick shows once more, that he should not be a starting QB in the NFL because of his lousy decision-making as well as his lack of accuracy.

Not only because we have no pass rush at all despite that bunch of talent in that row.

Not only because our corners have no idea where their opponents are after they´ve left the line of scrimmage (what the hell for is Williams on that field???).

Not only because I have to see numerous mistackles which I DO NOT SEE in that numbers in an amateur-game in my home country!

Not only because I cannot understand the way of play-calling despite I don´t grew up with that sport and am not an expert at all. Nevertheless I cannot understand why some of the moves were called that we´ve seen over the last games (especially on the defensive side of the ball).

And finally not only because I cannot see a will at all! There is no fire, no instinctive roar, no emotion.

To come to an end: We have a saying were I live - translated it would sound approx. : "The fish starts smelling at the top".

I see no fire in our coaches eyes. I never heard one of our coaches yell or saw them even cry. nothing. even worse - in some statements our coaches words as well as their gesture send the message to the world, that they simply have not the power inside their bodies and minds to push a NFL-football team to the top. And that should be the goal for every coach in a professional sports league - pushing the team to the top.

THAT´S the point which really bothers me. All the dots pointed above are no dilemma when they occur in a well-oiled team-organisation. when the coaches show the direction and are hard in implementing a will in a team. problems like that can be handled when you are focused on your will and weak performances are followed by strong coaches decisions which help keeping the eye on the overall goal - pushing the team to the top. but that requires that the coaches have a strong will by themselves. AND I CANNOT SEE ANY WILL IN OUR COACHES EYES!

I will never stop rooting for the Bills. As long as they (and I) exist. And I still hope and keep my fingers crossed, that the team and their coaches can make the turnaround this season. But sometimes it´s really hard to be an American Football Fan in a football-sceptic environment... at least, when the team you are rooting for shows no character...

thanks for letting me unload my anger here.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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