Light the torches and stck a pitchfork in them.....They're toast.

Since the middle of last season, these horribly lopsided blowouts are becoming alarmingly frequent and a hallmark of a Chan Gailey coached and QB Fitzpatrick led Bills, if this continues, and I think it will, at the end of the season some changes will be needed.

I am sick of the excuses. It's Gailey, it's Futz. Truth is it's both of them and they both need to go, and if Nix doesn't do it, find a new HC and draft a QB, he needs to go.

Fitz has never been a very good QB, he has moments of good play at times, but is lacking in so many areas he will never be anything more than an acceptable backup QB. I hate it when people say he is streaky or inconsistent. Those are symptoms of the real problem. The real problem is Fitz is a HORRIBLY INACCURATE PASSER. He can't throw the ball where he wants to. It sails long or short, behind the receiver, he is Mr Missfire. It will not change, it is what it is. His accuracy is bad out of the shotgun, and absolutely freakishly horrible dropping back from under center and needs to be replaced, which leads us to Fitz's biggest man crush fan Chan Gailey.

Chan has his share of blame in this. He is the one who insisted he can win with Fitz and hitched his cart to him, crafting his gimmick spread offense to suit his QB. This unforunately has side effects which I could foresee but somehow mastermind Gailey couldn't. The first is we have almost no play action game, when we try it out of the pistol or shotgun, it is too easy to sniff out. When we try it from Fitz under center, it does open up receivers, but Fitz is so horribly inaccurate from under center, it results in picks, wr's getting laid out on high passes and sometimes fumbling. Fitz also not playing under center also take away effective misdirection plays which are always so effective when other teams use them against our D. Gailey said we would employ a FB more this year......believe that when I see it. Gailey was the bright guy who said we are going to run a 3-4 because it was so darn hard to play against, despite the fact we really didn't have a decent nucleus for it. Then goes to the old boy network to hire his buddy Wanny to go back to a 4-3 and cover his butt.

BTW how is that coaching staff doing coaching up all those players to get better? Many appear to be regressing instead of progressing. Dareus is regressing from last year Kelsey continues to suck. Mario looks like a shell of his former self. Aaron Williams continues to stink, George Wilson.....regressing fast. McKelvin, regaining his punt return form, but still can't cover a receiver worth a lick. Gilmore? Can we just call him Leo Junior? Carrington Moats and Sheppard? Non Factors. It really is frighteningly bad how horrible this coaching staff is at coaching up players to do the fundamentals on defense. On offense it is harder to tell if they are progressing with Gailey's gimmick smoke and mirror spread which gives up an alarming amount of turnovers.

Buddy Nix said we weren't getting the coach we all wanted in Gailey when he was hired, and in my case he was sure right. My fears have now been confirmed, he is a loser with no answers and doesn't belong in the NFL. Take your spread and go back to college with it where it belongs. I am ready to clean house on this coaching staff and Fitz at the end of the season if this team does not start improving fast. Brian said it right with a soul sucking loss, there have been way to many of them over the past 12 games. I thinks time to start thinking not if we should clean house on Gailey and Fitz, the conversation should be who we will be getting to replace them.

I am actually at the point I would seriously consider Perry Fewell if he could come up with some semblence of a reasonable plan of someone to run the O. His guys get better on the GMen, they get pressure, he's not afraid to blitz. He has done an excellent job overall with New York. With the talent we have assembled on D, I think he would be a good fit AS LONG as he could come with a decent idea of someone in his rolodex he could hire to run the offense.

This team is ruining my enjoyment of watching Football and it has to stop.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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