Some Thoughts

Some are my own and some are gathered from the www. Let's start with Fitzy.

Someone pointed out that on the pregame show before the Pats game he heard Fitzy say, and I paraphrase, "I don't want the game to come down to me". He said it to mean no game should come down to the QB play, others need to step up. Very true, but I want a QB who relishes the combat and doesn't mind in the least willing his team to a win. That was a very telling comment to me. Leadership? Look elsewhere.

Also on Fitz, his mechanics are supposedly better but his accuracy looks worse to me. How so? I compare this to Tiger Woods. Woods had to change his golf swing due to injury. He trained so hard and swung so intensely that he sustained a stress fracture in a leg bone from twisting it too hard. And he also tore up the knee internally. So he was forced to change. Fitzy changed his mechanics to, ostensibly, become more accurate. Now we have heard that it takes at least 3000 reps to change muscle memory to something new. Tiger changed his swing over 2 years ago and has thousands of reps on his "new" swing trying to change his habitual muscle memory. And his swing still has a ways to go. I'd be surprised if Fitzy has 3000 reps with his "new" mechanics and he looks worse than last year. Can an old dog be taught a new trick?

Mario. On 2BD someone mentioned that Mario was the only player with a fridge in his locker. In the ensuing discussion John Wawrow, a beat writer, said yes that is true. And he further stated that Mario controls the music played and the volume in the locker room. And no one will challenge him on it. Not Chan, no one. This is not good. And, in that same thread, it was stated that Kyle Williams gave a stirring pep talk before the Pats game and Mario tuned out, looking down and not paying attention at all. That was noticed by the players.

Now a big shout out to BBD and Matthew Elder. He finds some good stuff folks. A site well worth a regular visit. Two articles in particluar need highliting.

Gilmore. Stephon likes to stare down the QB at times too much to the point that he loses sight of his receiver long enough to lose him and get burned. True enough he does do that. I noticed in the corner out for a TD in the 49ers game he did it. When I observe this I see him doing it when he plays a loose man or in zone. He does not do it when playing press man. He played press most of the Pats game and did a really good job for a rook against Brandon Lloyd. I'd let him play press man most all the time.

Mario. Another analyst noticed that Mario does not "flip his hips" like he used to. He now stands straight up presenting his full chest to the RT. He becomes much easier to block and it's much harder for him to turn the corner. Great observation and great read.

Anyone else think we missed Glenn and Pears this week? The pocket looked a lot shakier. And yes, others need to step up, but the talent difference was noticeable.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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