Bills Need To Start Spiller

Buffalo Rumblings reader 'J2' believes that the Buffalo Bills should make C.J. Spiller their feature back, reducing Fred Jackson to a complementary role. Do you agree or disagree, Bills fans?

Ed. Note: I had planned on writing this very article this week, but J2 beat me to the punch. I'm in full agreement: C.J. Spiller should be Buffalo's feature back, and the change should happen immediately. Nice work, J2! - BG

The Buffalo Bills cannot change a ton personnel wise right now. It's looking like Arthur Moats and Nigel Bradham will be swapping spots at strong-side linebacker, but I doubt that's going to do much in the production department of our football team. While Bradham is much more athletic, he's still a fourth-round rookie, and like the rest of our defense is going to take his lumps.

There is, however, a change that I've been contemplating since last year after Fred Jackson got hurt and kind of played it during the off-season at times, but I'm of the opinion that this team needs C.J. Spiller on the field as much as possible.

Running back duos might be able to work in the NFL. We've seen teams do it before - and we've seen Buffalo do it before against some teams - but runners tend to get better as the games wear on, and get into a groove against defenses. Buffalo's running backs haven't been able to do that.

With both Jackson and Spiller hurt and Chan Gailey saying they will rotate to keep them fresh and to try and keep the pounding off of them, one can understand that methodology. However, it seems that at this point in time that both of them should be healthier than they have been in the past month. With that, I think it's time to designate Spiller as the starting running back.

Jackson to me is much like George Wilson: athletically limited, but playmakers in their own right. The problem is that we need more than one or two plays a game. I'm glad we paid Jackson, but I think it should be more for services rendered than production going forward in the starting role.

Spiller changes the Bills and the opposing defense. When he gets a step, he gets 10 yards - it's that simple. His speed is fantastic, and he's the best running back we have on our roster. I'm not sure many would disagree. When he gets carries, it's clear who the best runner is on this team. Jackson has been hampered by his knee injury, but he's been underwhelming so far this year.

I know people around here have an affinity for Jackson because of his background and how he's played over the years, but this is a new year and Spiller clearly is the better back at this point. Buffalo needs to ride that horse and keep the team in attack mode, with him on the field and Jackson subbing in whenever Spiller needs a blow.

This won't solve the Bills' issues, but it's one change that has the chance to make a huge difference on this team. There is literally no other position that I can think of in which making a change would have as big of an impact on this football team.

It's time for Spiller to be the starting running back of the Buffalo Bills for the foreseeable future.

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