What to do with Fitz?

Let me start by saying that I have been a Fitz supporter even when Trent was on the team. I now feel like I have made excuses for him (even if just to myself) for the past 3 seasons. I could just be angry and looking to point the finger; please let me know if I am overreacting.

First, it was that he didn't have any offensive weapons, then it was that he had no time to throw, etc. It is now obvious to me that these issues have been addressed, but Fitz cannot get it together. Glenn has been great, TJ looks like the deep threat we need (but we can't get him the ball), Freddie and CJ (well, need I say more?). I think we can all agree that it comes down to his accuracy. He under/overthrows a great deal of throws; some fall harmlessly to the ground, but a A LOT of them become picks. This is, in my opinion, the number one reason we are loosing steam and giving up on games. I feel that Fitz lost the respect of his offense, and the team (but nobody on the team will admit it). The last two games, I saw a lot of frustration on the faces of receivers when they were overthrown to.

Over the 20+ years of watching the Bills, it is obvious that there are a few problems with this team, both physically and mentally, but I really believe that the quarterback position needs to be addressed now.

However, the question is; what do you do if you were Nix/Gailey?

You just paid him $59,000,000 (I think it was in that area, right?) We have no "development" player on the bench. So, what to do? What is your personal opinion and what are the pro's and con's behind them?

Do you think T. Jackson can do any better?
Is there anyone on the open market?
Do we not do anything at all this year, hope to stay competitive and "watchable" and hope for a top ten pick, or someone to trade with come 2013 draft day?
Does anyone know of anything in Fitz's contract that gives Buffalo an "Out-Clause"?
Am I totally out of my mind, seeing red, and need to be smacked in the mouth?

I haven't seen any posts about Fitz, pertaining to what we should do with him (if there already was a post and I missed it, I apologize for the redundancy). To me, he just does not look like an NFL quarterback anymore and would like to hear what more sane people think of the subject.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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