The QB Buffalo Needs To Draft

Buddy Nix, who I am no fan of but for the sake of this fanpost will assume doesn't get his walking papers before the draft, has finally decided to get serious about the QB position. He initially believed that Fitz was the guy, as evidenced by the contract extension that Ryan Fitzpatrick received. Since getting paid, Fitz has been underwhelming. While many think that Nix is unwilling to move up in the draft it's worth keeping in mind that we (a) know Nix tried to move up into the middle of the 2010 draft for an unnamed player - Dan Williams? Tim Tebow? I'm glad the Bills didn't get either - and (b) that the Bills did move up a couple of slots in the third round in 2012. So, Nix might move up in the draft if there is a player the Bills want. The trade up for Graham suggests that Nix isn't particularly patient if there is a particular guy he has in mind. The question is what QB Nix will settle on or if he'd be happy with one of a group of QBs.

No, I'm not going to tell you who that guy is. I don't watch enough college football to have the faintest clue. Instead this fanpost can serve as a place for people to advocate for whatever guy(s) they think the Bills should draft. Right now, the Bills figure to pick somewhere between 6th and 11th. The Browns, Chiefs, and Cardinals are other QB needy teams that will likely be near the top of the draft. The Jets, Jaguars and Raiders will also be in the top half of the draft and may be in the market for a QB (replacement for Sanchez and/or Gabbert, someone to groom behind Palmer).

Sidebar: It's no coincidence that the teams without good QBs find themselves picking in the top half of the draft.

Think about the QB that you think the Bills should target and consider some questions:

1. What system is the QB running in college? Does it translate well to the NFL? Does the QB have to read the defense? Is he good at it?

2. Is the QB accurate? Does he have a strong arm? Can he make all the throws? How is his deep ball?

3. Is he mobile? Can he throw on the run or does he need a clean pocket?

4. What do you know of the QBs intangibles? Does he have a reputation as a hard worker? Is he self disciplined? Self motivated? Is he a leader?

5. Does he wilt under pressure, either physical (large man running at him while he readies to throw) or mental (do poorly in big, televised games)?

6. Will Buffalo have to pull a RGIII type trade to get the QB you want? Or will the QB you want possibly be available when the Bills pick?

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