Maybe Some Bickering Bills Would Win More Games

After Stevie Johnson broke the code of not questioning authority in his Tuesday remarks to the press regarding why the final pass was thrown to a rookie who had allegedly never rehearsed the route he was called to execute flawlessly in the game's and arguably season's most critical moment, it appears we may finally begin to see some questioning of authority on the Bills team, and who better to start it off than the oh so contractually secure Stevie Johnson, who has made it clear he is getting sick and tired of losing (not to mention not being THE MAN to be targetted with the pass with the game (and perhaps the season) on the line.

I am not normally in favor of players throwing their coaches under the bus, just as I am not normally in favor of players or coaches throwing players under the bus. But when all the fans are asking the same questions themselves, such as why is CJ Spiller not receiving the majority of touches or at least more touches given his demonstrably extraordinary talent, then it seems fair to conclude that we have reached another fork in the road in the never ending saga of Bills Nation seeking the path to victory and some form of tribal redemption.

After the Texans game Fitz said Spiller needed more touches. Now this bombshell from Stevie following the Pats game has the potential to generate the first public "player calling out his coach" controversy in the Gailey era.

I happen to think if what Stevie Johnson says is literally true--that TJ Graham never rehearsed that route--then we could have a nice little pre Miami game scandal on our hands to feed the national TV audience some juicy gossip and revive the legend of the Bickering Bills (which was the beginning of the great run in the late 1980s and early 1990s).

Count on the Jerry Sullivans of the world to seek opportunities to extend the play of this bold claim of coaching malpractice.

We all know Chan knows offense. We also all know Chan struggles calling plays when the game is on the line.

But if Stevie knew that TJ Graham had never run the route before the play itself, who else knew that?

Did Stevie only figure it out after the game talking with TJ, Fitz and/or other players?

Questioning Authority happens all the time in organizations, and is often met with strong sanctions.

Stevie Johnson has held his tongue in check so far this season, and kept his cool with his end zone celebrations.

But flagging Head Coach Gailey with a major coaching infraction following the devastating lost to the Pats has to sting inside and outside the locker room, no matter who said it.

Stevie Johnson has shown some guts speaking publicly, even if it might have been handled better privately.

But if questioning Chan's preparation of his rookie wide receiver for the route he failed to run properly helps eliminate sloppy preparation by players and coaches going forward, it will have been worth the risk to Stevie's reputation. And maybe, a new 21st century version of the Bickering Bills might go on a winning streak.

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