What do you like this weekend? Week 11

Fellow Rumblers...the winning streak continues. Went 4-2-0 last week bringing my season record to 33-23-2. Not a bad place to be at this point in the season. Let's recap last week's picks:

IND-3.5**: (W) Andrey Luck is nasty...period. If you have not been looking at/playing this team, start to do so and make yourself some $. More on this below.

BUF@NE OVER 52.5*:(W) I expected NE to cover this on their own...but alas, the Bills showed up and gave their fanbase some hope. Some of that hope is carrying over into tonight. More on this below too!

NYG-4**: (L) One constant in my betting experience has been that the NFC East always finds a way to stick it to me. Whether it's Tony Romo throwing 5 picks, or Philly not scoring more than 14, or the Giants pulling out stupid catches off of guys helmets, they always find a way to cost me $.

DEN-4.5**: (W) John Fox went back to Charlotte with a shiny new certified, pre-owned QB.

BAL-7.5***: (W) Balty did just what they needed to do to get momentum going again...go in and clobber a bad team.

CHI-1**: (L) The minute I saw Jason Campbell I marked my book with a big fat "L"

Now, onto week 11 lines and picks:

MIA@BUF-2.5 O/U 45

PHI@WAS-3.5 O/U 43.5

GB@DET+3.5 O/U 52

ARI@ATL-9.5 O/U 44

TB@CAR+1.5 O/U 48.5

CLE@DAL-8 O/U 43.5

NYJ@STL-3.5 O/U 38.5

JAX@HOU-15 O/U 40.5

CIN@KC+3.5 O/U 43.5

IND@NE-9 O/U 53.5

NO@OAK+4.5 O/U 54.5

SD@DEN-7.5 O/U 48

BAL@PIT+3.5 O/U 40.5

CHI@SF - no lines available due to QB injuries.

My Picks:

BUF-2.5***: Buffalo handles their business tonight. The two reasons why I am so confident are "C" and "J". CJ getting the full load tonight only means good things for this offense. Buffalo wins tonight by 10.

WAS-3.5**: Does anyone actually think that terrible line is gonna block better for Nick Foles? I feel bad for the kid.

GB-3.5**: GB coming off the bye against a Detroit team who is way under-performing.

TB@CAR OVER 48.5**: Both teams have shown that they can score points and allow a ton of points. Look for a better showing from the Panthers being at home and coming off an embarrassing loss. But, look for TB to continue putting up big numbers.

IND+9***: The Brady Bunch has shown that their weakness again this year is pass defense. It just so happens that Andrew Luck is pretty good at throwing the ball. Look for Indy to even pull out the upset in this one.

BAL-3.5****: I wish I was one of the online bettors who got this game on Tuesday when the line was Bal+3.5 still...but it doesn't matter. I know it's a divisional game. I know the Steelers have had good luck with back-ups. Byron Leftwich isn't going to be that back-up that they will be successful with. Maybe if they were playing Philly, Buffalo, Cleveland or any other team with a bad defense...but not Balty.

That's what I like. What do you like this weekend? Let's get a few more comments this week. Remember - the goal of this is to share picks, insights, etc. so we can all make a few extra bucks!

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