How my perfect offseason might look

In a perfect world, we would start off by cleaning house in the front office, promoting Doug Whaley, and saying thanks for the work Buddy has done. We would then remove Chan Gailey and Dave Wannstedt and start over

A name I would like to see as a serious Head Coach contender is DAVE TOUB. His special team units for the Bears have been immense and Bobby April once described him as the best coach in football. John Harbaugh has shown that a Special Team background should not hinder a coordinator stepping up to Head Coach. After all, Special Teams gives the coordinator the chance to evaluate players from both offense and defense. Assisting Toub would be Hue Jackson as the OC and and Raheem Morris as the DC. For both the move to coordinator would be a current promotion and both have HC experience. Jackson was instrumental in the development of Joe Flacco whilst Morris is regarded as an excellent coach who was promoted to HC too early. Both will see a Buffalo opportunity under a HC with a ST background as a chance to put their names firmly back on the future HC list

At the start of free agency, we must resign both Levitre and Urbik. We have a very talented young line which is a proven requirement for the development of a young QB and this must be kept intact. I would also like to see Rinehart brought back. I don't see him getting a starting gig elsewhere bu he represents a strong 6th man. Byrd is also a very important player to bring back though potentially Williams could move to FS. I would also like to see McKelvin stay in Buffalo as I see both Williams and him benefiting from Morris's expertise here. Overall unless a talented WLB becomes available at an affordable price, I see a quiet FA period

Now to the draft:

R1 Mike Glennon QB, North Carolina St

Regretably Glennon has continued to show continued development in his two years starting with the Wolfpack. I had hoped he'd be there for us in the 2nd round. He represents a climber in this years draft, and unlike Gabbert seems willing to make plays with defensive players hanging off him. His previous connection with TJ Graham adds to the possibilities and if we could get Jackson as an OC, we have a coach proven in the development of young QBs. Much as I would like us to trade down, I think we should stand pat and despite many so-called pundits suggesting we might be reaching, draft the new face of the franchise. Incidentally dropping from No8 to No12 on the draft value chart, gives us enough points to get an extra R3 from whoever is looking to trade up

R2. Ezekiel Ansah DE, Brigham Young

Another climber, and as a raw as hell, with average college production but with a learning curve which borders on the vertical considering two years ago he didn't know how to put his kit on without help. Athletic enough to play OLB despite being 6ft6 and 270lbs, he would immediately replace Merriman on the roster and potentially could end the committee approach opposite Mario. Whilst we have Moore, Kelsay and Anderson here, the Giants have shown Championship winning teams never shy away from having multiple DEs on the roster. If Kelsay goes with Merriman, we need a 4th DE

R3a. Kevin Reddick MLB North Carolina

R3b. Gerald Hodges WLB Penn St

I can't make up my mind here except for the fact that it has to be a LB. If we can trade down for Glennon and pick up an extra R3 selection, then I would draft both. If not then I take Reddick slightly ahead of Hodges as I am more concerned about Sheppard's development as a MLB ... can Sheppard be moved outside? Or should we give up a R2 in 2014 for an extra R3 in this class? (Considering our track record with R2 selections this might make sense).In my perfect would we would draft BOTH Reddick and Hodges who alongside Bradham would gives us a great LB Corps for the future.

R4. Jake Stoneburner TE Ohio St

Too many teams have demonstrated the value of having two talented TEs on the roster. Stoneburner is a well rounded TE adept at both blocking and receiving, and if not for an offseason incident involving urinating in public would likely be a Day2 pick. A TE is always a good safety valve for a rookie QB as Luck has shown with Fleener and Allen.

R5. Baker Steinkuhler, DT, Nebraska

At 6ft6 and 290lbs a potential 3-4DE, I see Steinkuhler as a potential cheap replacement for Spencer Johnson especially if Troup is lost due to injury. I did consider CB but feel at this point there will likely be few who can upgrade our existing players especially if Morris get the chance to work with Gilmore, Williams, McKelvin, Rogers and Brooks. Equally I think we've a good group of young WRs in Johnson, Nelson, Jones, Graham and Easley that a 5th rounder is unlikely to improve upon and this is the same with the OL

R6. Marcus Coker, RB, Stoney Brook SeaWolves

A small school player, he ran for 1,386yds at Iowa before leaving the team under a cloud for disciplinary reasons which led him to missing a bowl game and for his requesting to be released from his scholarship, though charges were later dropped I believe. At 230lbs he is a one cut power back and downhill runner but considering how frequently RBs get injured, he represents good insurance. If he'd stayed at Iowa he'd have been a Day2 selection. He is majoring in Astrophysics by the way

I appreciate that the above is extremely unlikely to happen but then I see the Bills having the ability to have a 49ers type turnaround if only the right decisions were made.


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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