Here is the BIG IF article:

Well if the Bills do get rid of Nix, Gailey, and the coaching staff; there is a coach I could see coming on and leading this team.

First we have Bill Polian come back as the GM and make his son Chris in charge of scouting while still retaining Doug Whaley as head of Player Personel.

Second the new coach, Bruce DeHaven. He has years of experience doing special teams and would welcome the idea of running the show in Buffalo. His offensive coordinator could be one of these - Donald Lee, Bobby Petrino, Norv Turner, or Marty Mornhinweg. The defensive coordinator could be - Ron Rivera, Mike Singletary, Sean McDermott, Bob Babich (linebacker coach with Chicago), or Jim Leavitt (linebacker coach for the 49ers). The special teams coach could be Larry Izzo or Duce Staley. They are assistants right now and obviously Dehaven would have his hands all over the special teams unit. If this happens then my thoughts would be to have Donald Lee as OC, Sean McDermott as DC, and Larry Izzo as ST.

Our Draft for 2013 would be:

Round 1 - Tyler Wilson - QB - Arkansas - He can throw all the throws and throw deep. We need that in order to keep the safeties honest.

Round 2 - Nico Johnson - ILB - Alabama - Fastest ILB in the class and knows how to play the position from 4 years with Saban. Starter from Day 1. Sheppard moves to OLB.

Round 3 - Jordon Reed - TE - Florida - Speedy TE that can block and catch. Will give Chandler a run for his money and/or will follow the NE trend of two solid TEs.

Round 4 - Demonte Hurst - CB - Oklahoma - You can never have enough CBs. With McGee showing his age and Williams moving to safety we will need more depth at this position.

Round 5 - Lerentee McCroy - OLB - Florida - He is a playmaker and that is what we need. He may or may not be available here. If he is it is a steal.

Round 6 - Darius Johnson - WR - SMU - Playing for the pass happy June Jones, he will know his route tree and has speed to go deep. Smaller Emanuel Sanders. Will be able to stretch the field with Graham.

Round 7 - Travis Jackson - He could be a solid backup for Wilson.

Draft FA -
Tyrann Mathieu - CB - LSU - has made so many off the field errors that if we take a risk on him it could be a steal if we can get him playing football and focusing on that only.

Marquise Goodwin - WR - Texas - He competed in the Olympics in the long jump. Has speed and talent to be solid as a 3rd - 5th WR or KR.

Ryan Swope - WR - Texas A&M - he may not get drafted because he is a (and I hate to say this) slower white receiver. All he does is catch the ball. See Wes Welker

DJ Hayden - CB - Houston - a solid CB who makes plays but is playing at a small school.

Players to Sign -

Free Agency
Andre Smith - OT - Bengals
Glenn Dorsey - DT - Chiefs
Micheal Johnson - DE - Bengals
Darrelle Revis - CB - Jets
Connor Baldwin - DE/OLB - Texans
Aqib Talib - CB - Bucs
Danny Amendola - WR - Rams
Rames Barden - WR - Giants
Delanie Walker - FB/TE - 49ers
Shaun Rogers - DT - Giants

If we could snag three of the list above we would have improved our team

Key Departures:
Lee Smith
Fitz or T Jax

It is alot to take in and it only will happen IF we change the people coaching and making decisions for the team

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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