What do you like this weekend? Week 12

All is right with the world this week as the Bills get a "W" and may be on the verge of a late season run! Betting-wise, my picks split an even 3-3-0. Let's recap week 11:

BUF-2.5***: (W) Buffalo looked good defensively. However, not getting it done in the redzone killed what should have been a complete blowout! This has been beaten to no need to get into it. A win is a win!

WAS-3.5**: (W) Washington looks poised to make the NFC East race interesting.

GB-3.5**: (W) This was a gift. No reason for GB to kick that field goal...but they did and covered. If anyone needs further evidence that gambling and sports aren't interconnected, you're blind!

TB@CAR OVER 48.5**: (L) I actually pushed this bet as it went to 48 for me. However, with my integrity at stake, I list it as a loss as I originally wrote it at 48.5. A loss by 1/2 a point is a tough one to swallow.

IND+9***: (L) This was looking so good until NE did what NE does...

BAL-3.5****: (L) See above TB@CAR right up re: 1/2 point losses. Pittsburgh's defense looked pretty darn good in this game...good enough to consider playing them again in the future even with Charlie "One Fall Away from a Hip Replacement" Batch at QB.

Season record is now at 36-26-2.

Week 12 Lines:

HOU@DET+3.5 O/U 50.5

WAS@DAL-3 O/U 48

NE@NYJ+7 O/U 48

OAK@CIN-8 O/U 49

PIT@CLE - no lines available

BUF@IND-3 O/U 51

DEN@KC+10.5 O/U 44

TEN@JAX+3 O/U 43.5

MIN@CHI - no lines available

ATL@TB+1 O/U 49

SEA@MIA+3 O/U 37.5

BAL@SD+1 O/U 47

SF@NO - no lines available

STL@ARI-2.5 O/U 37.5

GB@NYG-3 O/U 49.5

CAR@PHI - no lines available

This is going to be a tough week to write up picks. Many lines are not set due to question marks with starting QBs. However, I will post picks on what lines are available and edit in the comments as lines are made within the next couple days. By the way, I apologize for the post being a day early, but we'll be traveling for the holidays and the smartphone is smarter than me!

HOU-3.5**: Detroit is in shambles. Houston is embarrassed. Look for the Texans to come out and hammer Detroit on their annual Thanksgiving Day loss.

WAS@DAL OVER 48**: It's anyone's guess in the NFC East. I like big points in this divisional showdown.

NE-7***: I am sorry I bet against you, Tom. Please do right by me (and my beloved Bills) and whoop the New Jersey Jets? Let's face it, we know you are gonna win the AFC East. So knock the Jets down a game so we can get a little help in our steep uphill climb towards a potential wildcard spot. Thanks!

BUF+3*: Alert, alert - HOMER BET!

Den-10.5**: Normally, I would never give up this many points in a divisional game...but Peyton is out for another ring and KC isn't going to stop him.

Finally, BAL-1: Balty is looking so inconsistent...but SD is a mess and the heads roll after Ray Rice and co. come into town and beat 'em.

That's what I Let's get some comment activity going. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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