Bills Mock Rounds 1 and 2

After another season with the post-season out of question, it is time to look at the offseason and see what we can do to improve this football team. The first thing I would like to talk about is the draft. Here is my mock Bills draft:

Round 1: Manti Te'o

This guy is an absolute STUD. He does everything extremely well and can defend the run. He is a leader and has dominated opposing offenses. At an ideal 6-2 250, he has awesome speed, running a 4.75. CBS sports calls him "an intense competitor and covers a lot of ground with his rangy, active playing style and lateral agility to cover both sidelines. He trusts his eyes and attacks the action quickly, showing a high football IQ to play smart, assignment football"

Now, I know... No QB in the first round blah blah blah... If Geno Smith is not available when we are drafting in the first round, then there is no QB worth reaching for. And to be honest, QB play is not the biggest problem on this team. It is our inability to stop the run, and drafting Te'o will help a lot with plugging up the running game. The LB core is the weakest link on this team. Nigel has been a nice surprise, but with an an aging Nick Barnett and a dissapointing Aurthur Moats and Kelvin Shep, drafting Te'o gives us stability because now we would have a solid young starting LB that can be there for many years to come.

Round 2: Mike Glennon

On the flight home from the Bills-Phins game, I cracked opened my laptop and began becoming the new Bills QB scout... I watched videos and read many articles on the 6 hour flight home and came to the conclusion that Mike Glennon is going to be the biggest steal of the draft. With outstanding intangibles (6-6, 230) with ability to add more weight to his frame, this kid has outstanding arm strength and has ability to place the ball exactly were it needs to be. Some say he is not accurate enough because of his low completion rating, but this is because the NCST Wr's cannot catch ANYTHING. They have to have the most drops in NCAAF history... seriously, but anyway... this QB has got it. He can make tons of throws and can throw the ball more than 15 yards (unlike somebody we know very well...) Another thing I like about Glennon is his ability to throw under pressure. He is accurate and can lead WR's extremely well. Check out this video and watch some of his play... its awesome ( In conclusion, this guy is the real deal, he can throw lasser passes that remind me of Aaron Rodgers, and has Big Ben type size. Some say that 2nd round QB's never work, and that is somewhat true, but there have been a good amount of QB's that have been taken in the later rounds, and have panned out OK. Another possibility would be to trade our 2nd round and some of next years pick to move into the late first round to get Mike Glennon, but hopefully his draft stock does not jump on draft day.

QB's to avoid on draft day

#1. Matt Barkley- have not really studied up on him, but we do not do well with west coast QB's... Trent and JP...

#2. Tyler Wilson- I really like Wilsons mobility, but I just do not see the arm strength and he reminds me of Blaine Gabbert. His arm strength is questionable.

#3. Aaron Murray- He is accurate from 10-20 yards, but after that, his arm strength is weak... Also, he is extremely short for a QB and would get a lot of passes batted down.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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