Thoughts after Texans game

Hi fello Rumblers,

This is my first fanpost on Rumblings after about a year of mostly just reading so i would like to say hello. I have quite alot to say so bare with me.

The Bad

After this loss to the Texans I have quite a few negative things to say. First off I would like to say that I am on board the wagon to overhaul the coaching staff. I will say that I do think overall Chan has turned the offense into a relatively competent offense that, besides today, can usually put up points. After that I have little positive to say. His play calls are questionable to say the least. You have CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson on your roster and you constantly want to throw the ball with an OK QB who occasionally has a hot streak, come on. Chan is clearly a horrible motivator and leader. The team constantly looks like they are not giving it 100% and that is on the HC. Also consistently playing poor second half football is due to lack of coaching on his part. Wanny has been aweful as a defensive coordinator, period

I specifically think that coaching is the reason our defense has played so lousy. I truly believe we have capable talent on defense this year to be a defense that could be ranked between about 8-15. The problem with this D comes alot through coaching. Wanny is doing a terrible job as a DC and Chan couldnt motivate a golden retriever to fetch a tennis ball. While most of the D is talented, some player are not and are playing more than they should, which also comes down to coaching. Aaron William who I was high on after last year has played the worst football I have ever seen a CB play, even worse than McKelvin a few years ago. Wanny or Chan should realized this a while ago and benched him. Unfortunately he was forced out due to injury, which I wish to no player no matter how bad they play. I know there is limited personel behind him but the coaching staff should have pulled him a while ago and help coach him into a good player which he could could potentially be from talent that was shown last year and occasionally this year.

Fitz had a good game today until that fumble at the end, but for the greater part of the season he has played bad, for a lack of better words. He does not have the arm to even make 2/3s of the throws the typical NFL QB can make and it severely limits the offense. His lack of arm-strength allows defenses to bring everyone up a few yards, hurting Fred and CJ. Fitz is clearly not a franchise QB and should have either been benched by now or have had an heir in the works.

The Good

I try very hard to be optimistic about this team as hard as that may be, and i do see some positives after today. The first being Cj. The man can run, give him the ball more Chan. The players on D especially the line are the second positive. Minus about 3 or 4 runs by Foster I thought the D line played well against the run. They stuffed a lot of holes today. I would like to see more pressure but they dont do too bad considering most of the time its 6 on 4 due to no bltizing on the bills part and other teams usually keeping the rb in to block. Also Gilmore played relatively well today. He let Johnson get a few cathces but nothing that really hurt us. He is coming along quite well for a rookie in my opinion. I also think Bradham has been playing well for a rookie. He blew it on Owen Daniels TD but rookies take lumps like that and he will learn from that. Kyle Moore also added some pressure today against a very good player in Duane Brown.

The O Line didnt look great today but didnt look bad against a great Texans D. When fully healthy they have been very strong this year. Cordy Glenn looks awesome for a rookie LT.

Going Forward

I think the Bills have pieces in place to to be competitive for the rest of the year if they can turn things around. That being said I do not believe with this coaching staff they will be able to turn it around. In the coming years though, they do have talent in place to become a playoff contender. They need two things to "turn it around". First being competent coaching staff. The second piece after a competent coaching staff that is needed to make the playoffs is an above average to great QB. The NFL has turned into a QB oriented/dominated league and all good teams have an above average to great QB. Having a great QB can turn a talented but under-performing team like ours into a playoff competitive team.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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