State of the Buffalo Bills (Statistical Analysis): Conclusion = Gailey must go!

The State of the Bills (Analysis): Gailey must go!

I wanted to wait until after the bye week game to write this.

I am disappointed and sick of Chan Gailey and coaching staff.

Do the Bills want to win in the future? Clean house. Fire Gailey and staff. Buddy Nix should retire. Doug Whaley should be promoted to GM.

My mentality before the Houston = "There is absolutely no way the Bills will be able to compete. The question is how much many points we loose by, not if we are going to win or loose." Guess what? We were in the game. We played great competitive football for essentially two quarters. Why? Effectively ran the ball, and the defense finally got stops.

But on the first drive after the half. Chan Gailey the genius called shotgun, 5WR, on 3 consecutive plays. Results? Incompletions. JJ Watt could not be stopped. Fitz was pressured. Generally when a team goes into the locker room at half time, they make adjustments on what is not working and continue to use what is working. I don't think Chan Gailey understands this concept. The formula was simple. CJ Spiller touches the ball, good things happen. There is absolutely no doubt that CJ Spiller is the best RB, and best offensive player on the Bills. CJ Spiller was given 6 Caries. SIX CARRIES!!! Is this some sort of sick joke?!

CJ Spiller:

  • Rushing: 78 ATT for 562yds (7.2 YPC = #1 NFL) & 4 TD; 7 plays for 20+ yds (2nd for RBs in NFL)
  • Receiving: 24 REC for 236YDS & 1TD; 5 plays for 20+ yds (1st for RBs in NFL)

Running the Ball: Wins vs. Losses:

  • In the 3 games we have won we have averaged 34 carries for 168yds a game.
  • In the 5 games we have lost we have averaged 22 carries for 125yds a game
  • The difference is 12 carries and 43yds

Passing the Ball: Wins vs. Losses

  • In the 3 games we won Fitz average - 17/29 180yds per game
  • In the 5 games we lost Fitz average - 21/34 227yds per game
  • The difference is in the losses Fitz has 5 more pass attempts

Stevie Johnson & Chandler: Wins vs. Losses:

  • Stats are as follows à Receptions, Targets, Yards per game
  • In the 3 games we won Stevie averaged the following per game: 5rec; 9trgt; 66yds
  • In the 5 games we lost Stevie averaged the following per game: 4rec; 8.8trgt; 43.4yds
  • In the 3 games we won Chandler average the following per game: 2rec; 4trgt; 26.3yds
  • In the 5 games we lost Chandler averaged the following per game: 3rec; 5.8trgt; 41.2yds
  • These statistics are interesting because Stevie has less catches, targets, and yards in the games we have lost even though Fitzpatrick has 5 more attempts in these games!

Team Statistics:

  • In 3 wins we have averaged 1 TO per game
  • In 5 losses we have averaged 3.2 TO per game
  • As they say - the game is won on turnovers...

QBs in Draft (Round, Selection) - note some QBs were left off list but can be found here (

2013 NFL Draft QBs (In order of ranking à Bold marks 1st rounders)

  • Matt Barkley 6'2'' 230lb - USC: Matt Barkley is still the best QB in the class and has a superb resume
  • Tyler Wilson 6'3'' 220lb - Arkansas
  • Geno Smith 6'3'' 214lb - West Virginia
  • Tyler Bray 6'6'' 210lb - Tennessee
  • Aaron Murray 6'1'' 211lb - Georgia
  • Landry Jones 6'4'' 216lb - Oklahoma
  • Mike Glennon 6'6'' 232lb - NC State
  • Logan Thomas 6'6'' 260lb - Virgina Tech
  • AJ McCarron 6'4'' 210lb - Alabama
  • Tajh Boyd 6'1'' 225lb - Clemson
  • EJ Manuel 6'5'' 234lb - Florida St.
  • Colin Klein 6'5'' 226lb - Kansas St.

Head Coaching Candidates I like:

  • Chip Kelly - Head Coach - Oregon Ducks
  • Keith Butler - Linebackers coach - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Kyle Shanahan - Offensive Coordinator - Washington Redskins
  • Mike McCoy - Offensive Coordinator - Denver Broncos
  • Perry Fewell - Defensive Coordinator - New York Giants
  • Ray Horton - Defensive Coordinator - Arizona Cardinals
  • Gus Bradley - Defensive Coordinator - Seattle Seahawks
  • Andy Reid - Head Coach - Philadelphia Eagles
  • Dom Capers - Defensive Coordinator - Green bay Packers
  • Mike Zimmer - Defensive Coordinator - Cincinnati Bengals
  • Winston Moss - Assistant Head Coach - Green bay Packers
  • Jay Gruden - Offensive Coordinator - Cincinnati Bengals


  • If the Buffalo Bills have the remote possibility of saving the season, we obviously need better place from our defense, but on the offensive side we MUST give our playmakers the ball AKA CJ Spiller and Stevie Johnson
  • The Buffalo Bills need to clean house on coaching staff. I listed candidates I like. My personal choice would be Keith Butler, the LB coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He would bring a tough nosed style of coaching to the locker room, and it would reflect on the players. He is essentially Dick LaBeau's successor - and has too much potential as a Head Coach.
  • The Buffalo Bills need to draft a Franchise Quarterback. By the looks of it, Matt Barkley will be chosen first. However if there is a possibility of trading up to get the best QB in the draft: We should take it. If not, I'd like to hope Geno Smith or Tyler Wilson are there for the taking. I'm a big fan of Tyler Wilson.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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