Words of Wisdom (Open Thoughts on Our Future)

Hello Rumblers how you all doing (I'm doing very well as I just ate some killer pasta primavera to the sounds of Kenny Loggins). Note that I am not a big fan of Kenny Loggins, but Danger Zone is simply a classic. I would make the trip from Long Island to Orchard Park much more often if I knew that the Ralph had established Danger Zone as a crucial track on the stadium playlist (I was very disappointed with the amount of suicidally terrible songs that played out loud against the Patriots this year. The amount of Kesha and Disney Channel tracks made me want to speak to the man who was personally controlling the music and give him a life-changing intervention of insight and pain). A Fitzpatrick interception would look 50x more dramatically terrible to the sounds of Danger Zone and who knows, maybe Ralph Wilson would give us the thumbs up to throw dog turd at Fitz when he is playing in a way that is reminiscent to what is being tossed at him...Dog turd. Or if he makes a turnaround (which really isn't possible unless he leads a miracle run to finish the season) he would really nail the moments in which the song played with his true-grit-patriotic-funny-beard-but-unable-to-play-quarterback-at-a-level-that-is-as-productive-as-tyler-thigpen-alright-that-was-a-joke-but-bare-with-me-here-alright?

Enough with the jokes, here I go.

This team needs another legitimate passing threat to match up with the confident and talented units of the highly productive teams that consistently control and win games instead of breaking the devoted fan's hearts with nothing but forgettably unforgettable plays that make me want to continously vomit in pain.

I am incredibly confident that Stevie Johnson and Donald Jones would both thrive to strongly notable heights (obviously more Stevie, but the latter has really grown on me) in a high functioning offensive. Marcus Easley's time to be a contributor is now or never as we are in dire need of a vertical threat that can potentially make a play on the erratically high throws that are made by Fitz. The coaching staff would be stupid to not apply Easley's potential athleticism to a game that can monumentally swing the momentum of the community, better yet the fate of our season. Note that if Easley is a contributor in Sunday's game (the most important game of the season) it would be a strong sign that he can form into a model of efficiency and consistency for our passing game.

Here are seven players who have looked both impressively consistent and pleasantly surprising to me this season

-Nigel Bradham

-Kyle Moore

-Jairus Byrd

-Cordy Glenn

-C.J. Spiller

-Chris Kelsay

-Stevie Johnson

Here are seven players who have played incredibly horrible and surprisingly below expectations:

-George Wilson

-Aaron Williams

-Ryan Fitzpatrick

-Mark Anderson

-Shawn Powell

-Kelvin Sheppard

-Brad Smith

Here are the players who I think will be around to see glory years within this franchise ( as we really do have the pieces):

- Mario Williams

- Stevie Johnson

- CJ Spiller

- Jairus Byrd

- TJ Graham

- Andy Levitre

- Marcell Dareus

- Kyle Williams

- Eric Wood

- Cordy Glenn

- Stephon Gilmore

- Nigel Bradham

- Da'Norris Searcy

- Delano Howell

- Kyle Moore

- Ron Brooks

- Bryan Scott

- Fred Jackson

- Donald Jones

- Kraig Urbik

- Chris Hairston


-We will have a newly established linebacker core within the next few years. Nick Barnett, Kelvin Sheppard, Arthur Moats, Chris White, and Kirk Morrison will not be around to see this organization achieve a strong taste of success. Expect the Bills to use at least one of their draft picks on a linebacker within the first three rounds this year. I want Te'o soo badly (imagine that, he would be a FORCE).

-McKelvin, George Wilson, Justin Rogers, and Aaron Williams will not be featured in the secondary that achieves greatness. Stephon Gilmore, Ron Brooks, Jairus Byrd, Da'Norris Searcy, Delano Howell, and four new faces (1 free agent, and three draft picks) will man the ship. The Ron Brooks and Da'Norris Searcy picks will pay off big time (watch).

-Mark Anderson, Spencer Johnson, Shawne Merriman, Alex Carrington, and Torrell Troup will not be featured on the defensive line that anchors the winning Buffalo Bills defense. Mario Williams (who is the leader of this defensive unit), Dareus, Kyle Williams, and a dominant defensive lineman who we pick in the draft will lead this unit to greatness. Expect Kyle Moore to be a major contributor in both the near and distant future as well my friends.

-Ryan Fitzpatricks position in Buffalo is parallel to Kerry Collins' in New Jersey. Collins was replaced by a talented high draft pick in Eli Manning, which will also happen to Fitzpatrick (as it is what happens when an organization has seen enough). Buddy Nix has openly expressed a decrease of hope in Fitzpatrick's ability to lead as a franchise quarterback, and Buddy will try to clear his track record of unfortunate decision making before it is too late. Geno Smith? Tyler Bray? hmmm?

-We will find another tight end to compliment Scott Chandler in a similar fashion to the Patriots and we will achieve a solid multi-dimensional passing game. Call me crazy, but I say pull the trigger on a tight end within the first three rounds this year as it is a new trend in this league and will continue to be for a LONG time.

-We will have a new punter within the next two years (plain and simple). We will also have a new kicker within that time span.

-Within the next two years will use a high draft pick on a wide receiver who immediately contributes in this new-look system that features a high level of experienced talent, as well as young talent. This receiver will join forces with Stevie, TJ Graham, Donald Jones, and an additional player (along with our duo-threat tight end unit) to form a pass game that compares amongst the strongest in the league. Under the helm of a young and talented quarterback, the Bills offense, better yet franchise will make a huge turnaround (I'm soooo serious when I say that).

-Dave Wanndstedt will be gone after this season

-Chan Gailey will be gone after this season

-Buddy Nix Will be gone after this season

-The Bills will win finish the season 6-10

-The next regime will preserve the gems of this one with great care while bringing in new faces that will contribute to a glorious future for this organization. Stay Calm and Billieve, its going to take some time but Buffalo will be back...And stronger than ever.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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