What do you like this weekend? Week 10

Well, well, well...I finally had a breakout week and it only took me until half way through the season. I got lucky and went a stellar 6-1-0 in week 9. I was literally a few missed field goals and Buffalo abandoning the run from an undefeated week. Let's recap:

DEN-4***: (W) Sergeant Major Thor tried to put the scare in me about this pick, but it didn't matter...Denver looks hot!

IND+2.5*: (W) Indy looks to be doing something that I've never bought into as a football fan, using the emotional play to consistently play well. Well, that and this Andrew Luck kid looks like he may be an okay QB...he doesn't have the Stanford pedigree of Trent Edwards, but he looks good none-the-less.

BAL-3.5**: (W) Many people were worried about this one too. For a while during the game I started sweating it. But, in the end, Balty did what they were supposed to...beat a bad team and cover the spread.

BUF@HOU OVER 47.5**: (L) This topic has been discussed at length on our wonderful blog...Buffalo's amnesia from what worked well in the beginning of the season (giving CJ the GD ball!) cost both them and the betting public.

CHI-3.5**: (W) I love bets that are covered by the end of the first quarter.

ATL-4***: (W) Interesting scenario at the end of this one as bettors playing ATL had to hope for Dallas to stop them late in the game on a 3rd and 6 from about the 15. If Hotlanta gets that first, they run the clock out ala Buffalo on the goal line against Cleveland. If they are held, they have to kick the FG forcing Dallas to drive with no timeouts for a TD to win. Interesting the end, the bet covers.

NO-3***: Comment on this game last week: "Embarrassed on the road last week, New Orleans comes back home to take on a Philly team with their finger hovering over the reset button. I'll take the home field advantage and an under-performing team with talent and promise over a team full of questions and continually over-rated." Look's like it ain't always sunny in Philadelphia. Heads will roll soon starting with Vick and the meantime, stay away from any play involving Philly.

Season record is at: 29-21-2.

Week 10 Lines:

IND@JAX+3.5 O/U42.5

BUF@NE-11 O/U52.5

NYG@CIN+4 O/U48.5

SD@TB-3 O/U47.5

DEN@CAR+4.5 O/U47.5


OAK@BAL-7.5 O/U46

ATL@NO+2.5 O/U53.5


NYJ@SEA-6 O/U38.5

DAL@PHI+1.5 O/U44.5

STL@SF-11 O/U 38.5


KC@PIT-12.5 O/U42.5

My Picks:

IND-3.5**: MJD is out. Gabbert is banged up. Indy has all the momentum and desire to put this one behind them and coast through a fairly easy remainder of a schedule. Take the shaved heads and another game ball presented to Chuck Pagano.

BUF@NE OVER 52.5*: While I don't love this pick, I did say I would always make a play on our beloved Bills' games to keep this post Bills related. It would not surprise me if NE hung all 52.5 points themselves as they did lat time we played them.

NYG-4**: Outstanding road team vs. a team struggling to show any signs of life. I'll take the defending World Champions in a close one sealed with a few NYG TDs in the 4th.

DEN-4.5**: John Fox will be out for blood and his weapon...Peyton Manning and a SICK defense. John Fox does something he was rarely able to do on a consistent basis in

BAL-7.5***: Balty is starting to learn to play the game without it's killer run defense. I think a game back home at M&T Bank Stadium will do the trick to get their swagger back.

CHI-1**: Look for Da Bears to get a back to reality shot this week. However, their crack defense should be able to keep Houston in check while Cutler will do just enough to win at home.

That's what I about you? Comment away and let's make some $ this weekend. Good Luck and GO BILLS!

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