The Professor's Last Lecture

While we may not be mathematically eliminated, we all know that the season is over and once again we are not going to the playoffs. This has been probably the most frustrating season I've had as a Bills fan. So much hope, so much potential, so much RB talent - but the same results.

This will be my final lecture (fanpost) of the season. I will no longer watch the Bills on Sunday, I will that spend time with my family. I will listen to the games on the radio and will watch highlights but I'm officially done watching and following this team this year. I will not attend Buffalo Rumblings 5+ times a day...maybe a couple times a week now. I just can't take anymore.

What is wrong with the Bills this year? Chan says it best...Consistency. However, this isn't the consistency that Chan speaks of. This is the consistency of coaching. It is TOO consistent. We don't put our players in position to succeed. It starts and ends with the head coach. Let's look at our team...

Offensively, we have a GREAT OL and GREAT pair of RBs. Our QB is mediocre and our WRs (outside of Stevie) are weak and lack depth. Any casual football fan will say...just run the ball. A RB who is setting HOF records with yards per the ball. A RB who has the ability to break the big run like Barry Sanders used the ball.

The problem is that CHAN IS CONSISTENT. He pleads for consistency...but he is consistent. He ignores his elite talents and puts the ball in the hands of lesser talents. His is consistently making the wrong decisions on the offensive side of the ball.

Defensively, we improved GREATLY. I feel confident that our defense will stop the run - a feeling I haven't felt in a long time. I feel confident that our defense will hold the opponents to low points and will get stops on 3rd downs. I'm not so confident about our offense. Our head coach is our offensive coordinator. I haven't seen that improvement from our offense or change in strategy to utilize the players. Chan keeps throwing the ball despite that being the biggest weakness on our team.

Chan on WGR this year said that "he doesn't know why but he feels there is a difference between a 50 yd FG and a 52 yd FG". That's the problem. Chan plays too much with "gut feelings" and he doesn't have that killer instinct. I have been thrilled that we are at least trying to throw the ball deep but never at the expense of giving the ball to CJ Spiller.

The bottom line is that Chan needs to go. I have no problem starting over with a new coach and OC. This team has a young and solid defense and great OL & RB. I'm convinced that the next head coach and OC will be smart enough to attempt 50 yard FGs and give the ball to elite talents like Spiller. I have no confidence in Chan doing that. Chan needs to go.

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